Family Law in Norway

Family Law in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 19th April 2017

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The Family Law in Norway contains regulations and explains procedures implied by matters of the family and the family unit. Most of the issues related to Family Law, such as divorce or child custody require the expertise of a professional law firm in Norway. There are also some matters that can be solved without legal intervention, but for which it is still recommendable to rely on the counsel of a specialized attorney.

What situations are covered by the Family Law in Norway?

In many cases the Family Law in Norway works as a reference point for the settling of conflictual situations. Moreover the Family Law regulates as well the rights and the obligations implied by the relations which are formed with the construction of a family. The following list shows several examples of the topics covered by the Family Law in Norway:
  • marriage and divorce procedures;
  • adoption;
  • child custody;
  • paternity;
  • reproductive rights;
  • domestic violence.
The Family Law in Norway provides as well regulations concerning financial responsibilities, and eligibility criteria for custodial rights. 
Our Norwegian lawyers are ready to offer you legal tips on the Family Law in Norway and even represent you in court in the eventuality you encounter a difficult family-related moment. Our attorneys can assist you as well with the signing of a pre-nuptial agreement or in the division of assets along a separation procedure.  

Other procedures covered by the Family Law in Norway

The Family Law in Norway is the reference point as well in case of adoption procedures, providing conditions and criteria which must be satisfied in order to be eligible as an adoptive parent. The same law states the rights of children, such as for example to obtain knowledge of his or her biological parent after reaching the age of 18. The family law is also very important for regulations regarding traveling abroad with children. 
Another area in which the Family Law in Norway has a word to say is the reproductive rights, including birth control, abortion and artificial conception.  
Feel free to contact our attorneys in Norway for more information regarding the family legislation in Norway and for any issues in which you might need court representation or legal advice.