Immigration Law in Norway

Immigration Law in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 09th August 2017

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Immigration Law in Norway

The entry of foreign nationals into the Kingdom of Norway is regulated by the Immigration Act issued in May 2008. The parliament of the country adopted as well in 2016 a series of reforms in immigration and integration. Detailed provisions concerning the obtaining of residence permits or citizenship can be found in the body of the immigration law.

Our Norwegian lawyers can emphasize to you the main aspects of this act which may directly affect your stay and activity in Norway. 

Main provisions of immigration law in Norway

Through the immigration law, the Norwegian Kingdom regulates and controls the circulation of foreign people in the country and facilitates the lawful movement of people across its borders. Our attorneys in Norway draw attention on the third section of the law, which describes the common points between the Norwegian Act and the international regulations concerning immigration.
Norway implemented as well an immigration policy, managing to offer as many incentives to immigrants in order to let foreign people participate in the workforce and into the life of the community. Foreign investors in Norway who intend to apply for permanent residence permits have to comply with reasonable demands such as the passing of a language and civic exam, in addition to the other legal requirements and papers which need to be provided. 
Our law firm in Norway is ready to respond to our clients’ questions concerning the effects of the immigration law on foreign investments in this country.

The implementation of the immigration law in Norway 

If you intend to move to Norway in order to open a business or to work in this country as a foreign national, you should notify the authorities by providing identity information as well as declaring the address of your residence in this country. People from the EU/EEA area do not require a visa in order to enter the Norwegian state, neither citizens of those countries that have special agreements with Norway. 
The immigration provisions are implemented in Norway through the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), which processes applications received from foreign nationals, who intend to live or visit Norway for a certain amount of time.
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Norway for complete information concerning your rights and obligations under the immigration act in this country.