Divorce in Norway

Divorce in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 28th March 2017

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According to the Norwegian Marriage Act, when a couple does not work out as expected, they have the option to start a divorce procedure. The process might take from several months to one year, and it is recommendable to have the legal support of a lawyer. Our law firm in Norway can inform you about the steps of this procedure and they can represent you in court in matters such as distribution of property and children custody. 

How can you end a marriage in Norway?

In Norway any person has multiple options regarding the way in which the separation procedure can start. Either spouse may demand separation for a year if she/he considers cohabitation is not possible anymore. After this period the separation can continue in divorce. There are also several legal procedures for ending a marriage:
  • separation agreement – can be signed by the spouses when they are in agreement about the terms of their separation;
  • judicial separation – is a legal procedure which applies in the cases in which the couple does not reach a mutual understanding on the terms of the separation. A decree of judicial separation can be drafted by any of the spouses and filed to the Norwegian court together with proofs of previous attempts to mediate and settle the problem.  
  • divorce – implies the brining of the separation in court and requires representation by a lawyer for each of the parties involved. 
Our attorneys in Norway specialize in family law and can offer you several legal services such as representation in court and legal counseling about the terms on which the court establishes the custody of the children.

The legal context for divorce in Norway

The citizenship of the persons is a decisive factor for the recognition of a marriage in Norway and for the way the divorce procedure can take place. If the two persons are of different nationalities at least one of them must be from Norway in order to start a separation procedure in this country. 
The request for divorce can be sent either together, in a joint application, either separately, in a petition directed to the County Governor of Norway. As Norwegian citizens you have also the possibility to start a divorce in the country where you have lived together for the last six months or in the stare where you have been living separately, for the last year. 
Before the elaboration of any petition we advise you to discuss the procedure with one of our Norwegian lawyers and to look for legal assistance for any issues regarding the properties that you have together. In case you intend to obtain as well the custody of your children, you can elaborate together with a local attorney a strategy regarding the negotiation of custody and visiting rights. 
For legal separation procedures you can confidently contact our law firm in Norway that can help you along this process with legal advice and court representation. Our local attorneys will do everything possible to help you settle the legal separation as smooth and convenient as possible.