Legal Services in Norway - 2024 Guide

Legal Services in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2024

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Legal Services in Norway

Our lawyers in Norway are willing to employ their competence in order to provide all customers with professional legal services and assistance.  For every legal issue, you will find in our law firm in Norway a prompt and trustworthy legal service, optimized such as to answer all your requirements.

Establishment of a company in Norway

When, as a foreign company, you intend to extend your activity in Norway, you need to register your organization at the Register of business enterprises (Brønnøysundregistrene). Prior to your registration you need to go through several steps:
  • choosing between the several types of organization forms (such as Aksjeselskap/AS - a limited liability company in Norway - or NUF/permanent establishment/”branch”);
  • drafting the articles of association; 
  • opening a corporate bank account (in order to deposit de minimum share capital).

For all issues regarding the establishment of a new company, our attorneys in Norway can help you draft and submit your documentation, with the responsible authorities, with company domiciliation, accounting, counseling, and many other connected services. Feel free to address if you are interested in immigration to Norway.


You must submit several supporting documents, such as an ID card, job contract, a letter of student sponsorship, or anything comparable, when you apply for a residence permit in Norway. Once you are formally recognized as a resident of Norway, you will be given a Norwegian identity number. In some countries, you must also let the population registry know that you have moved to a different country.

Mergers and acquisitions

The legal services provided by our law firm in Norway will simplify in great measure the merging and acquisition actions of your company. A substantial part of the documentation and handling of the legal procedures will be secured by our local attorneys, so that you can effectively continue your activity.

Arbitrations, mediations and corporate litigations in Norway

In case you are facing a legal dispute on the Norwegian market, you can rely on our legal services of arbitration and mediation. In case your company needs court representation, you can ask our lawyers about the litigation services. Our Norwegian law firm provides complete legal support in any situation your company might deal with. 

Planning services and tax advice

When you look for the most adequate taxation plan for your company, you can call on our team of lawyers to advise you on legal tax minimization methods or other tax deductions, so that you can optimize your revenues. In our law office in Norway you will also find your competent adviser on investment funds and corporate restructuring. For periodic update with changes in tax legislation and for any other tax planning services, you can count on our attorneys. We can also help you move here, which is why we recommend getting in touch with our immigraiton lawyers in Norway.

Receiving licenses and permits

As long as you are concerned with the obtaining of a license or special permit, you can confidently discuss it with our lawyers. They are going to help you obtain in the shortest time all needed authorizations, thus allowing you to overcome the bureaucracy inconveniences.
If you have questions on how to move here, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigraiton lawyers in Norway.

Termination of business activities

In case your business activity has reached its end, following on from volunteer liquidation or bankruptcy, we invite you to rely on our law firm to settle and arrange the last aspects in a professional and smooth manner. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact our Norwegian law firm if you need any type of legal service in this country.  You can count on us for services related to immigration to Norway.