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Law Firm in Norway

Law Firm in Norway

Updated on Monday 08th April 2024

By working with our law firm in Norway you will benefit from professional legal consulting services and representation before the courts available in this country and in the relation with the public authorities. Our law office in Norway is composed of dedicated and efficient lawyers. Our Norwegian law firm provides solutions for your business on basis of continuous legal training. Some of our most important values are honesty, integrity, fairness, and confidentiality.

How can our Norwegian law firm assist in opening a business? 

Norway is known as a country based on the maritime industry, owning a large maritime fleet which contains traditional shipping and offshore vessels and opening a business in this area is tempting for local and foreign entrepreneurs. Our law firm in Norway will offer you complete services for opening a company in Norway. In this sense, we are able to provide you with the following services:
  • company name reservation, which has to be completed following specific regulations (for example, the trading name must contain at least three letters);
  • choosing the commercial activities to be undertaken by the new company;
  • preparation and drafting of the articles of incorporation, which are the main statutory documents of a company registered in this country;
  • preparing, drafting and obtaining documentation for headquarters and notarizing at a public notary all the company’s statutory documents;
  • preparing, drafting and obtaining documentation for the company’s working point;
  • deposit of the share capital, in accordance with the legal entity that was chosen for registration in Norway;
  • completing all the necessary applications, including fiscal status and in relation with the Register of Business Enterprises for receiving the certificate of registration and for the VAT
By choosing to work with our lawyers in Norway you will get excellent results in optimum time for the procedure of opening your company in this country. We invite you to watch a video related to the legal services offered by our law firm in Norway to foreign investors who want to open a company in Norway or who need legal assistance in the country: 


What types of legal entities are available for investors starting a business in Norway? 

Norway employs the same types of legal entities that can also be found at the level of the European Union. Most of the business forms that can be set up are registered following the same requirements presented above, but certain differences may appear. As a general rule, most of the investors prefer to register a limited liability company, but other legal entities are also selected for registration, as follows: 
sole proprietorship – this is the simplest way to start a business in Norway, not only due to the fact that the registration procedure is much simpler than in the case of other business structures but also due to the initial capital requirements;
general partnership – set up by minimum two partners who will have the self-employed status, just like in the case of the owner of a sole trader;
private limited liability company – the most common way to start a business in Norway, which requires a capital of NOK 30,000;
Norwegian registered foreign company – basically, this is a branch of a foreign company, which does not have legal capacity; in the last years, this option grew in popularity amongst foreign investors. 

Our corporate lawyer in Norway can help investors open any type of company they need.
 Quick Facts  
  Business registration services (YES/NO)

Our lawyers in Norway can help investors set up various types of companies

Bank account opening services (YES/NO)

Yes, our law firm in Norway can help you open personal and corporate bank accounts

Support in tax registration (YES/NO)

 Yes, we offer tax registration services and tax advice
Assistance in immigrating to Norway (YES/NO)  Our immigration lawyers in Norway are at the service of people who want to relocate here


Guidance in employment matters (YES/NO) Yes, we offer support in various employment matters: hiring and dismissing workers, employment disputes, hiring foreign workforce
Support in Civil Law matters (YES/NO)

Yes, our Norwegian lawyers can help in various
Civil Law matters

Company liquidation services (YES/NO)

Yes, we can help business owners shut down their companies here

VAT registration support (YES/NO) You can rely on us for VAT registration services 
Assistance in Family Law matters  We can advise on marriage registration, divorce proceedings, child custody, and division of assets 
Debt recovery assistance (YES/NO)   Yes, our law firm in Norway offers debt recovery services
Support in renting/buying a property (YES/NO) Our lawyers can help you you rent/buy a property
Assistance in applying for investment visas (YES/NO) Our immigration lawyers in Norway can advise on how to obtain an investor  visa
Litigation support (YES/NO) Yes, our attorneys in Norway are at your service
Trademark registration services (YES/NO) Yes, we offer trademark registration support 
Assistance in inheritance matters (YES/NO) Yes, our Norwegian law firm can assist in inheritance cases

Are there any other options for starting a business in Norway? 

Besides opening one of the business forms mentioned above through the standard incorporation procedure, foreign and local investors can also benefit from alternative ways to set up their operations in Norway. For example, they can enter the Norwegian market by purchasing a shelf company, which is a ready-made business available for sale, generally registered as a limited liability company
In this case, the main advantage is given by the fact that the investors can set up their operations in Norway much faster than in the case of registering a new business, the main aspect that has to be concluded in this situation referring to the transfer of ownership and other similar matters that can be presented by our lawyer in Norway.
Furthermore, foreign investors may also request the services of a virtual office in Norway (necessary if you want to register a company in Norway, but you don't need a traditional office). The advantage of the virtual office is that the investors will not have to spend a large part of their capital on the costs usually associated with starting a traditional office
The virtual office is equipped with all the means of communication that are needed for a business, investors being able to travel or participate at various events related to their field of activity, rather than managing the activity of the office. This option is highly recommended for businessmen who can conduct business operations in a flexible manner
Another benefit of the virtual office in Norway is that the business address will be located in a reputable business area of a large Norwegian city, such as Oslo, and the investors can easily meet with their business partners and clients at the respective location. If you need a virtual office in this country, our lawyer in Norway can help you.
We are also at your service if you are interested in immigration to Norway.

How can our lawyers assist in litigation cases in Norway? 

In the situation in which you are involved in a litigation process and you need legal assistance and representation or you don’t know to which judicial body to address a certain legal problem, our team of Norwegian lawyers are willing to support you in each phase of any litigation case by providing pertinent solutions in accordance with the legal framework.
We also have a team of immigration lawyers in Norway ready to guide you into moving here.

Are you dealing with debt collection in Norway?

When you have to deal with the debt collection procedure it is recommended to ask for support from our law office in Norway. Our lawyers have a solid background in these types of legal issues, as they have solved many cases in this field over the years. 
They can help you since the beginning, firstly in the amicable settlement and when needed, before the court, in the post-trial actions such as seizure and attachment and in other actions related to this matter. Count on our specialized team of lawyers in Norway for obtaining the best result in debt collection procedures.

Closing a business in Norway 

When you choose to close your business in Norway you should ask the advice of a specialized lawyer in order to comply with the regulations provided by the law. In this sense, our Norwegian law firm is able to help you in this procedure by following the regulations of the Limited Companies Act, Partnerships Act, Cooperatives Act and the Foundations Act.
Whether we talk about a voluntary or a compulsory liquidation, our lawyers in Norway are experts in this field and are able to offer you the right solution for your company, as this procedure may create unpleasant situations and decisions. It is important to know that each type of liquidation procedure will follow specific steps.

How can you benefit from tax advice in Norway? 

Our law firm in Norway is composed of experienced lawyers, specialized consultants, accountants, mediators, all in your service for finding and implementing the best ideas and solutions for your business’ success. We are able to help you with tax compliance matters in a wide range of areas, from VAT registration to payroll services. Moreover, our team invites you to use our tax calculator, a tool which calculates the amount of money you must pay in taxes. In case you need a tax lawyer in Norway, our team is at your disposal.
Immigration to Norway is available under less stringent requirements for citizens of Nordic countries. They can live, work, and/or study directly, as there is no need for an application for a residency permit. However, for other citizens of European countries, there are various requirements to comply with, and they can respect them with the help of our lawyers. Our immigration lawyers in Norway can also advise on expat tax matters.
You must inform the authorities that you have moved to Norway if you want to stay for longer than 6 months. You must schedule a personal encounter with a tax office and go through an ID check. It is crucial that everyone in your family attend the private meeting at the tax office if you are migrating and applying for residency to Norway with other relatives. 

VAT rates in Norway

All companies performing commercial activities in Norway are imposed with the value added tax (VAT) for the products and services they deliver on the local market. The standard VAT in Norway is imposed at the rate of 25%, but companies can also benefit from lower VAT rates
For example, businesses selling beverages and foodstuffs will be imposed with a lower VAT rate, of 15%. Transport services and certain cultural and sporting events can benefit from a lower tax, imposed at the rate of 12%, while the supply of raw fish is imposed with a VAT of 11,11%.  Our lawyer in Norway can give you more details about the VAT rates in this country.

What are the main investment sectors in Norway? 

One of the main concerns of foreign investors wishing to invest in different countries, including in Norway, is related to the main investment activities developed on the local market. In the case of Norway, the extraction and production of oil and gas represents the highest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) – approximately 25% of the total GDP
Other relevant industries are fish farming and mineral resources and it is important to know that most of the Norwegian production of goods is exported to other countries (the highest trading level is generally concluded with countries that are member states of the European Union). Norway is also known for other economic activities, such as shipbuilding, food processing, timber, textiles, metals, and paper production
For foreign entrepreneurs, our Norwegian law firm provides specialized consultancy for the avoidance of double taxation, as provided by the double tax treaties signed by this country. In this sense, foreign entrepreneurs can address to our lawyers in Norway to find out how they can take advantage of the benefits offered by these international agreements and how to solve legal issues in other countries such as Serbia
Feel free to address us if you are interested in immigration to Norway.