Why Choose our Law Firm in Norway?

Why Choose our Law Firm in Norway?

Updated on Monday 03rd July 2017

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Why Choose our Law Firm in Norway

The Norwegian market is supported by a modern legal base which encourages entrepreneurial activity. Other important advantages which attract in great number foreign investors from all over the world are the monetary stability in Norway and its independent judicial system. 

Some of the most important reasons for which both local and foreign clients choose to work with our law firm in Norway are the long experience of our attorneys as well as the fact that our Norwegian lawyers are specialized on several legal areas. Moreover, the rate of success in solving litigations is another factor which makes business owners to collaborate with our consultants who are prompt in responding to their requirements and solicitations.

If you intend to open an enterprise in Oslo or in another city, as a client of our law firm in Norway, you will receive professional legal assistance for your business set up and development. The collaboration with our Norwegian lawyers has the advantage of speeding up the company registration procedure as well as other business processes, providing you an informed perspective on the legal framework of this country. Your business interests and objectives can be represented by one of our consultants through the power of attorney and our lawyers can help you as well in the eventuality of a business dispute, by representing you in court.

Legal assistance in Norway

The experience of our law firm in Norway is doubled by a wide variety of legal services which are designed in order to enhance the performance of your company on the Norwegian market. Our clients benefit from assistance in the following domains:
taxation rates and regulations;
corporate contracts;
mergers and acquisitions;
the obtaining of special permits and licenses;
employment law and labor regulations;
debt collection;
trademarks, copyrights and data protection;
civil law, family law or criminal law in Norway;
litigation and alternative methods for solving legal disputes in Norway.
Your business deserves personalized legal assistance from a professional team of consultants. Our Norwegian lawyers and associates are ready to consider in detail your requirements and preferences and to indicate and offer to you the most adequate legal instruments available in Norway for your business objectives.

Legal solutions in Norway 

The implementation of a business project in Norway necessitates not only actualized information concerning the governmental incentives for foreign investments but also awareness about the immigration regulations and the procedure of obtaining work and residence permits. 
Our Norwegian law firm is ready to help you resolve any legal issues that you might encounter as a foreign investor in this country. Feel free to contact our attorneys in order to ask more details on the legal services they provide and about the fees which are charged for each of them.