Dismissal of Norwegian Employees

Dismissal of Norwegian Employees

Updated on Thursday 27th July 2017

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Dismissal of Norwegian EmployeesAccording to the employment law in Norway, an employer may dismiss an employee if he/she has reasonable grounds for doing so. The dismissal of Norwegian employees must be accompanied by a written notice containing the employee`s rights and obligations. Any Norwegian employee is entitled to dismissal negotiations which can be requested within 14 days of the receipt of the notice of dismissal.

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Circumstances for the dismissal of employees

The dismissal of employees is a legal procedure for terminating an employment contract. If an employee is guilty of a gross breach of duty, he/she can be summarily dismissed without notice. Employees can be dismissed on the basis of circumstances related to the employer, organization or employee. If the dismissal is objectively justified, the employee is entitled to a written notice. The labor legislation in Norway stipulates the possibility to resolve employment disputes in the case of dismissals with prior notice.

The most common grounds for the dismissal of Norwegian employees include the following:

•    The breach of the employment contract or the failure to fulfill one`s tasks;
•    A necessary reduction in the size of the workforce or a reorganization of the company – an employee dismissed under this condition has a preferential right to a new appointment at the same undertaking;
•    An employee being completely or partially absent from work – his/her dismissal cannot be done within the first 12 months;
•    Dismissal during the employee`s trial period – he/she is not suitable for the work or lacks proficiency or reliability;
•    Dismissal during the employee`s sick leave or maternity leave. This situation is not considered objectively justified and special provisions apply to it.

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The employee`s dismissal procedure in Norway

If there are serious grounds for dismissal, an employer can terminate the working contract of an employee. A written notice from the employer must be given to the employee in case the dismissal is justified. This notice of dismissal has to be delivered in person or sent by recorded delivery to the employee. It has to contain information regarding the employee`s right to negotiations, the right to take matter to court and the right to seek assistance from Norwegian attorneys to settle the case.

Depending on the length of employment and the age of the employee, the notice period may range from 14 days to 6 months. There are special rules and regulations related to dismissal in case of illness, pregnancy leave, maternity leave and compassionate leave.

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