Employment Law in Norway

Employment Law in Norway

Updated on Monday 12th June 2017

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Norway is recognized as a country which tries to ensure a labor environment with flexible and advantageous conditions for its citizens. Work is considered an important aspect of human life, and the local legislation tries to offer a climate in which work efficiency and time for development and leisure to reach a beneficial equilibrium. If you intend to know in detail the provisions of the employment law in Norway in order to implement them into your business’ strategy, you may rely on our law firm in Norway for professional advice. 

Legal framework concerning employment in Norway

The main law which regulates employment in Norway is the Working Environment Act (WEA) Arbeidsmiljøloven. This law specifies the minimum requirements which must be satisfied by an employer in matters of employee’s rights and working conditions. The conditions in which a  Norwegian company can terminate a working contract with a person are also contained in the WEA. 
According to our attorneys in Norway, some of the main provisions of the WEA refer to the following aspects of labor:
  • a normal number of 40 hours of work per week;
  • the time allocated for weekly leisure;
  • equality of rights in matters of gender and beliefs;
  • aspects concerning mandatory insurances;
  • the calculation of pensions;
  • the number of free days allocated for sickness or pregnancy.
Provisions regarding the number of days allocated for holidays are contained in the Holiday Act (Ferieloven).
If you intend to open a business in Norway and employ staff you can count on the legal advice of our Norwegian lawyers in order to help you familiarize with the labor legislation in this country. 

Other important aspects of the Norwegian employment law 

In order to enter an employment relation in Norway, the most important legal condition is the signing of a contract, stipulating the position occupied by the employee, the period of employment, the job attributions, the identity of the employee and the allocated salary. The contract cannot be signed later than one month after the effective beginning of work. 
The termination of a work contract before the due date cannot happen unless the employer provides a legal and solid reason. Moreover, an employee cannot be dismissed without a previous notice or warning.  
Another important aspect contained in the labor law in Norway refers to how recruitment should be conducted. If your employee rights have been infringed in any way, you can confidently contact our Norwegian lawyers who can successfully represent you in court.