Resolve Employment Disputes in Norway

Resolve Employment Disputes in Norway

Updated on Friday 06th October 2017

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Norway has a transparent legislation concerning labor which in most of the cases manages to prevent eventual employment disputes between employers and employees. In those cases in which contractual provisions are overlooked you can call on one of the legal methods allowed by the Norwegian legislation in order to resolve employment disputes in Norway. Our law firm in Norway is ready to assist you along an employment dispute and help you find the most appropriate methods to resolve them according to the local legislation. 

Legal methods for settling employment disputes in Norway

The Norwegian judicial system allows for several methods which can be applied in order to settle an employment dispute in Norway. If the employment agreement has been infringed, then you should first try to determine how complex the contractual dispute is. If the problem does not involve very complex issues, one of the most suitable methods to resolve it is to employ a mediation service. Through mediation one of our Norwegian lawyers may help you reach an agreement with the other party and to avoid bringing the matter in court. This procedure involves less time and can save as well a lot of money, compared to litigation providing a much more convenient settlement to the respective dispute. 
If the two parties cannot reach an understanding through mediation, they can take the matter in court in a litigation process. Our law firm in Norway is a trustworthy partner for companies or natural persons who need to resolve an employment dispute in this country.

The Norwegian employment legislation and court system

In Norway there is a specific court which deals with employment disputes. The Labor Court occupies a particular position in the judicial system of Norway and has as a main purpose the implementation of the Employment Law in this country. The most frequent matters which enter in the Labor Court concern the validity, interpretation and application of employment agreements. The judicial procedure implies an oral hearing, which depending on the complexity of the issue may last from a few days to a couple of weeks.
One of our attorneys in Norway can prepare your case and defend you in court. The defense will be elaborated on the information you provide on the situation as well as on the documents which can bring light on the matter in discussion.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Norwegian lawyers in order to find together the most appropriate solution in order to resolve an employment dispute in Norway.