Signing a Contract with a Norwegian Company

Signing a Contract with a Norwegian Company

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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Signing a contract with a Norwegian company is rooted on the principle of freedom in entering into contracts. It starts when one entity makes a promise or offer and the other party either accepts it or makes its own offer or promise. The acceptance of the promise or offer becomes binding when the two parties agree on all the terms of the contract and sign it. There are many ways of concluding a contract with a Norwegian company. Parties can either put into writing all their agreements or they can enter into a verbal contract, which can also be just as binding as a written one. Parties can also execute a power of attorney wherein they authorize another person to sign the contract for them. Our lawyers in Norway can execute a power of attorney and enter into a contract for you.

Laws that Govern Contracts in Norway 

1. Contracts Act – Applies when there are certain provisions not provided for by agreement of the parties, customs, or commercial practice.
2. Guardianship Act – Governs the capacity of the parties to enter into contracts.
3. Special Laws – Other requisites for contracts are regulated by special laws such as the Insurance Agreements Act, Consumer Credit Act, Sale of Goods Act, Competition Act, Landlord and Tenant Act, and the Good Faith Acquisition Act. Our attorneys in Norway are very familiar with these laws. 
Whether you are automatically registered as a resident and given a national identity number depends on the sort of Norwegian residence permit you have. Permission to study, visit a family member, or work are just a few examples of the various residence permits available. Contact our lawyers and find out which one suits you the best.

The Electronic Signatures Act of Norway

With the passage of the Electronic Signatures Act, parties can now agree and conclude a contract electronically in Norway. This is Norway’s principle of freedom with regard to contracts made into law. Under this law, an electronic signature is treated the same way as a written one. Electronic signatures refer to methods of signing a digital document. These methods include iris scanning, fingerprint reading, using an electronic pen, or the use of digital signatures through electronic keys and certificates. Our law firm in Norway can guide you in entering into a contract electronically. 
Whether you prefer a written, oral, or electronic contract, just contact our Norwegian law firm. We will help you draft, enter into, and conclude your contract with a Norwegian company.