Relocate to Norway

Relocate to Norway

Updated on Monday 08th January 2018

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There are multiple reasons for relocating to Norway, some of them being business opportunities or the reunification with one’s family. If you come from the Schengen area your relocation to Norway might be much easier than if you come from another country in the world. The legal requirements for obtaining a visa and a residence permit in this country differ according to the purpose of the travel and origin of each applicant. Our law firm in Norway can provide to each person a full counselling session in which you can find out what steps to perform in order to relocate to Norway.

Citizens who do not need a visa for Norway 

Some countries benefit from special agreements with the Norwegian state and their citizens can enter visa-free in the Norwegian territory. The European Union states as well as Switzerland and other Nordic countries benefit from special entry requirements thanks to the Schengen agreement. In Norway visa information is processed through a centralized system called VIS (Visa information System) which allows the states from the Schengen area to communicate easily between them in visa related matters.
According to the Norwegian provisions, a residence permit is granted to citizens from the Schengen area who must move in Norway in order to work in this country. There are also early work-start schemes, which allow people to start work in Norway while the residence permit application is still processed by the authorities. You can rely on our Norwegian lawyers in order to explain to you what to do in order to be able to move in Norway as soon as possible, in compliance with the immigration Act of this state.

Obtaining a visa in Norway 

If you want to enter the Norwegian territory the authorities from this country will require you to provide a valid national ID, such as a passport with a visa for Norway. The two main institutions which can approve or reject a visa application are the Directorate of Immigration and the Immigration Appeals Board.
In order to obtain a visa in Norway you need to provide several data which enter the VIS system. Photographs and fingerprints as well as reference to previous visa applications are all recorded in the central national database. You will need as well to explain in your application the purpose for your intention to relocate to Norway. The most frequent reasons for whihc foreign people decide to move in Norway are:
• study;
• retirement;
• family reunification;
• business. 
Feel free to contact our attorneys in Norway in order to speed up the obtaining of the visa for this country, by finding out what documents you need to fill and which authorities to address for your application.