How to Obtain a Work Permit in Norway

How to Obtain a Work Permit in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 13th October 2021

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Foreign citizens looking for employment in Norway should also inform themselves on the local legislation regarding the obtaining of work and residency permits. Depending on your country of origin, the requirements of the Norwegian state may differ, in view of the treaties and partnerships which are signed between Norway and your home country. The work permit in Norway allows a person to be employed in compliance with the local legal provisions. Our law firm in Norway can provide all needed information on the obtaining of a work permit in this country and can present you the relevant legislation on this issue.

 Employment permits in Norway

If you come from the European Union or from the European Economic Area then you don’t have to apply for a work permit in Norway. The partnerships between Norway and the countries in the EEA allow citizens of these states, as well as their family members, to seek for work in Norway without a short time visa. However for a longer stay than three months the European citizens must apply as well for an employment permit with the Norwegian authorities. Our team of attorneys in Norway can advise you on the specific requirements which apply in your particular case. 
Those who come from other countries than the EEA, need to follow a specific procedure in order to be eligible for employment in Norway. The two main institutions which are responsible with the application procedure for work permits are the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV). These institutions offer information regarding the main documents that a person needs in order to apply for a work permit and they can suggest as well possible jobs for those who do not have already an employment offer from a Norwegian company
Our immigration lawyer in Norway are ready to explain to you the legal procedures required by the authorities and help you obtain a work permit in Norway

Norwegian employment permits – general information 

One of the conditions required by the Norwegian offices in view of work permit issuance is a proof of the persons’ skills. In order to obtain employment permission in Norway, skilled workers must be able to provide conclusive documents of their qualifications. Such proofs may consist of a vocational training diploma or a university degree.
When obtained, a work permit is valid for one year. If you change your employer, you will need as well to go through a re-application procedure.
There are different work permits in Norway depending on the activity sector in which you are going to work. The requirements differ as well based on the status of the applicant: whether he/she is a student or a specialist. The duration of the work period is also a factor in the approval decision for an employment permit
If you intend to apply for a work permit in Norway and you need counselling regarding the legal requirements with which you must comply, please contact our Norwegian law firm for more information.