Will Preparation in Norway

Will Preparation in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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By preparing a will in Norway any person can make sure that his/her properties will enter in the possession of specific inheritors, thus avoiding the possibility to arrive in the hands of someone else. The will is a measure through which the testator can choose and control where the estate goes after his/her death. It is recommendable to elaborate the will with appropriate legal guidance from an estate lawyer. Our Norwegian lawyers can help you write your will according to the local inheritance law

What should be contained in a will in Norway?

One of the most important aspects that need to be mentioned in a will is the executor – the person who makes sure that the testament is carried out. This task implies a great deal of responsibility, so you need to consider carefully and choose a trustworthy person.  You have as well the option to employ one of our Norwegian lawyers as your executor in Norway. Depending on the value and complexity of your belongings, the closing of your estate will imply from several months to a year. Therefore, another thing to consider is the due remuneration for these services.
A key aspect which must be mentioned in the content of a will in Norway are the inheritors, but other issues such as tutorship of children, can be as well included in a testament.  Our attorneys in Norway can offer you a standard form to help you get on paper the beneficiaries and the divisions of your estate, but they can also assist you in the elaboration of a personalized will

Other aspects regarding the preparation of a will in Norway

In order to be valid, a will in Norway must contain the national ID number of the testator. Moreover, the testament needs to be in written form and witnessed by at least two persons. Family members of the testator are not allowed as witnesses.
Another important aspect related to will preparation in Norway is the storage of the testament, in a place where it can be safe but also accessible to your executor. One of the options that you have according to the inheritance law in Norway is to store your will with the local District Court.
Feel free to contact our law firm in Norway in order to receive specialized assistance in the elaboration of a will in this country.