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Company Law in Norway

Company Law in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 04th April 2017

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Company-Law-in-Norway.jpgWith economic stability, lower unemployment rate and a growing GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Norway aligns with the powerful states worldwide, where businessmen choose to settle their activities and start making profits. Having a company in Norway means respecting the rules and regulations which are stipulated in the Norwegian Company Act. Complete and suitable information about this specific law can be obtained from our lawyers in Norway, who can also explain you in details the taxation system in the country and the main rules you need to consider when setting up a business here.

The importance of the Norwegian Company Act

The Company Act in Norway contains the rules and regulations related to the registration of a limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship, public limited liability company, charity, foundations, or organizations with all kinds of activities in Norway, no matter the origins of such entities. This important act specifies complete information about the documents you need to prepare when registering a business in Norway and the conditions you need to meet when deciding on having activities here, for instance:
•    details about the purpose of the company;
•    information about the board members;
•    the capital of the newly established company in Norway;
•    details about the person who represents the entity;
•    the name of the enterprise and the address;
•    the articles of association.
The same act contains details about how to open a joint stock company in Norway, which is the most common type of entity a businessman chooses as a start-up in the country. We remind that our Norwegian lawyers can provide you with complete assistance and legal advice if you are interested in opening a firm in Norway.

Who can register a business in Norway in accordance with the Company Act?

People who want to establish a branch in Norway, set up a sole proprietorship, liable partners who want to enter into a general or limited partnership should consider the main regulations that come with a suitable and legal registration of any entity in the country. Registering a business, no matter its structure falls under the Registry Unit in Brønnøysund Register Center in Norway. The same is available for changing the business structure in Norway.
Please contact our law firm in Norway for extra information and comprehensive details about the Company Law in Norway.


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