Reserve a Company Name in Norway

Reserve a Company Name in Norway

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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You have to reserve a company name in Norway if you plan to establish a business in the country.  The company name serves as the identity of the company for all its transactions and shall be used when representing the company. The name must also be registered with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprise, the entity regulating companies in the country. Our lawyers in Norway can assist you in reserving a company name.
There are important things to consider when you reserve a company name in Norway. Our attorneys in Norway have noted down some important things to remember in doing so.

The Norwegian Alphabet

Norwegian law requires that all companies that desire to have their business registered must have at least three Norwegian letters in their name. Our law firm in Norway can give you more details on this request.

Prohibited Names

Business names are protected in Norway. As such, names that are already used by other companies or are very similar to their names are prohibited from being reserved or used. Names of local authorities, counties, countries, persons, and properties are also prohibited. The Register of Business Enterprises regularly checks for prohibited or identical names. 

Types of Business Entities in Norway

There are five main types of companies in Norway. These are public limited company (ASA), private limited company (AS), general partnership (ANS), limited partnership (KS), and sole proprietorship (ENK). The name of your company in Norway must contain the abbreviation of the chosen type of company.
If you are self-employed, you and your company must meet certain income requirements. As a foreign entrepreneur you must also consider applying for residency in Norway. You can do that by obtaining various types of visas that enable you to live and work here legally. Our lawyers can help you apply for such a visa.

Check for Available Names

The Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises is the entity where all business names are registered. It is also where you can check if the name that you want to reserve is available or if another company is already registered under it. Names can also be checked in the Norwegian Trade Portal. Our Norwegian lawyers can help you check if the name you want is still available. 

Cancellation of Name

Other proprietors can also check if such name is similar to their. In order to protect their interests, they can make a demand to cancel that name through administrative re-examination. This remedy is available to proprietors for three years from the time the name is registered.
If you have a business name in mind,  our Norwegian law firm can assist you in having it reserved. We can guide you through the entire process.