Taxation of Foreign Companies in Norway

Taxation of Foreign Companies in Norway

Updated on Monday 05th June 2017

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Norway offers many investment opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs, and provides one of the most transparent and well balanced tax systems in Europe. The region allows for a wide variety of business domains and offers technological resources. Limited liability companies as well as joint stock companies, resident or managed from Norway are subject to Norwegian corporate tax. If you want to inform yourself on the Norwegian tax regulations for foreign companies you can rely on our law firm in Norway

Main taxes for foreign companies in Norway

Our Norwegian lawyers can explain to foreign investors the taxation system of this country. Depending on the type of business you intend to open in Norway, you might be required to apply for a VAT number or this can remain a facultative option. 
A list with the most important taxes in Norway contains the following items:
  • Value added tax at the general rate of 25%;
  • the corporate income tax assessed at a rate of 24%;
  • the personal income tax;
  • the real estate tax;
  • the tax on civil law transactions;
  • the excise duty and the stamp duty, payed at the elaboration of your legal documents.
For in-depth consultancy concerning taxes and tax laws you can confidently call on our team of attorneys in Norway

Other tax issues concerning foreign investors in Norway

The tax obligations applied to foreign investors in Norway don’t differ from the tax regulations for local people and companies. However there are some cases in which foreign companies may be subject to special legal provisions. The double taxation treaties signed between Norway and other countries intend to prevent the over taxation of foreign companies.  
Several types of income may be subject to exemption according to the Norwegian tax regulation. For example shipping income will be tax-exempt and a special 10 percent standard deduction on income is allowed to persons who move in Norway for the first two years, up to NOK 40,000.
You can employ a tax minimization service in order to explore the legal opportunities provided by the Norwegian state in matters of taxation. Please contact our attorneys in Norway for a detailed report on the taxation regime for foreign companies in this country, as well as for any other additional legal services in Norway.