Resolve Contractual Disputes in Norway

Resolve Contractual Disputes in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 30th May 2017

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In order to conduct its business activity, a Norwegian company may sign an important number of contracts with other enterprises. If the rights or obligations stipulated in a contract are violated by the other party, you are entitled to make a claim against it. The contractual disputes can be solved in Norway through several legal methods, and in case the problem is complex, you might even need to bring it in court. Our law firm in Norway offers assistance with contractual disputes and can provide as well court representation for your company.

How to prevent contractual disputes in Norway 

The Norwegian legal system is very flexible concerning the form and outline of a contract, thus allowing companies to regulate their business affairs in any way they may find appropriate. There are however certain principles which are imposed by the Norwegian law and which shape the way in which a contract is binding. These elements can contribute to the clarity of a contract and can avoid future disputes.
The use of uncertain and vague terms make them unrecognizable by a court, therefore it is recommendable to rely on one of the Norwegian lawyers in order to help you settle the terms of a contract. According to the Norwegian law, a contract may contain words of reservations, which imply that several conditions can be imposed on some of the terms of the contract. Mediation provisions can be added to the agreement thus taking into account the possibility of a future dispute and trying to stipulate the consequences of a breach of the contract. Our law firm in Norway can assist companies in the signing of agreements and in elaborating mediation provisions in order to prevent future disputes on these matters. 

Methods to settle a contractual dispute in Norway

Once the contractual terms between two companies have been violated, a person has the possibility to start a legal procedure in order to claim her rights. Depending on the gravity of the situation a contractual dispute may be settled by arbitration, mediation or, if the case requires it, the problem can be brought in court. One of our attorneys in Norway can help you determine the optimal method to settle a contractual issue.
If both parties agree, an arbitration process may find a solution to a contractual problem. Another option is the mediation procedure which implies a discussion between the parties in the presence of an independent mediator, appointed by the District Court. A mediation procedure is conducted in order to settle a contractual dispute with fewer costs and less time. The mediation procedure is recorded in order to function as potential evidence in court. 
A contractual dispute may arrive in a point where it can be solved only through litigation. It is recommendable to employ a trustworthy and well trained lawyer who can provide adequate representation in court. Feel free to contact our Norwegian lawyers, specialized in litigations and who can represent you in lawsuits as well as in solving a contractual conflict or other types of legal disputes.