Marriage Registration in Norway

Marriage Registration in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 06th March 2024

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Getting married in Norway implies not only event organization but also a standard legal procedure in order to grant the recognition of the marriage by the state. Our Norwegian lawyers can provide all information regarding the marriage registration in this country and the conditions which have to be met so that the couple could get the marriage certificate.

Legal requirements for marriage registration in Norway

In order to be entitled to start a marriage procedure you and your future spouse need to meet several conditions. You have to declare your identity and you must be both over 18 years old. You need to certify that neither of you is married already and you need to provide as well a declaration of wealth. 
The documents which need to be provided along the applications include documents which declare previous marriages. The entire application containing as well any eventual optional documents (such as the name change form) must be then sent over to the National Register (Tax Office). The processing time is approximately two weeks and the certificate can be collected in person or sent over to the performer of the marriage ceremony. Our law firm in Norway can help you gather the needed documents and can help you with more information regarding the marriage registration procedure in Norway
Our attorneys can also offer assistance if you want to get a divorce in Norway.
Moreover, our team of attorneys is able to offer you a wide range of legal services, from litigation services to assistance in company formation procedures. Our lawyers in Norway can definitely help clients in numerous corporate matters.

Marriage registration and residence issues in Norway 

A foreigner can marry a resident in this country, by submitting several documents and declarations to the Tax Administration office. In this case the person can apply for a fiancé permit so that after the marriage they can both reside lawfully in Norway. 
Documents such as the birth certificate, confirming the name and age must be submitted in original. This application should be directed towards the Norwegian Embassy. Sometimes translations of the original document into Norwegian might be as well required for marriage registration.
Our attorneys in Norway are prepared to present to you in detail all the implications of the marriage registration procedure to your particular situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any legal services implied by the marriage procedure in this country. Depending on where you are from and even how long you intend to work there, you may or may not need a work permit. You don't need a permission to work in Norway if you're coming from the EU/EEA or one of the Nordic nations. For visitors from other countries, you will need a residence permit for Norway that allows you to live and work here.