Legal Services in Bergen

Legal Services in Bergen

Updated on Wednesday 09th August 2017

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Legal Services in Bergen

Bergen is the second biggest city in Norway after the capital Oslo and the host of intense commercial activity. When starting a company or when initiating other legal actions in Norway, such as property acquisition or litigations, you can rely on a professional partner in this country. If you open a business in Bergen or you need assistance in a legal dispute, our law firm in Norway is ready to respond to our clients’ requests in the shortest time, with personalised legal services meant to offer help in any legal issue. 

Company formation in Bergen

When opening a business in Norway an investor needs to follow in the right order all the steps of the registration procedure. When a new company is established in Bergen, the owner must first make a name reservation and check whether the name is available. 
Secondly a type of legal structure needs to be chosen as the organizing form of the business. Our Norwegian lawyers can assist investors in choosing the most suitable legal structure and in registering it with the Business Register (Foretaksregisteret). If necessary, a bank account for the initial capital can also be opened with the assistance of our lawyers who can offer as well legal consultancy in Bergen.

Mergers and acquisitions

The Norwegian commercial code offers to foreign investors the legal framework in which to develop their business through mergers or acquisitions. Our attorneys in Norway can help you elaborate the agreements which need to be signed when such legal actions are initiated in Bergen or in any other Norwegian city. They can explain to you the hidden implications contained in each term in order to protect your business from potential future risks. 

Arbitrations, mediations and corporate litigations in Bergen

When difficult issues appear in the life of a business entity in Bergen, our law firm can propose to you several legal solutions for solving them as efficiently as possible. Whether you encounter a legal dispute with other business partners or companies, our Norwegian lawyers can identify for you the most appropriate legal action and can help you organize your evidence in court or in view of the mediation discussions. You can confidently employ legal support in Bergen from our team of attorneys. 

Tax advice and planning 

The strategy of each business entity must take into consideration the specific tax legislation functioning in Norway. If you open a company in Bergen, our Norwegian attorneys can provide tax advice and planning in order to help you become familiarized with the taxation system of the country and represent you before the tax authorities in Bergen.

Licenses and permits

If the domain of activity of your business in Bergen requires application for special licenses or permits, you can confidently rely on the help provided by our attorneys in Norway. They can guide you through the standard processes and in your encounters with the authorities, so that you can obtain the needed document as soon as possible. 

Termination of business activities

When you decide to close a business in Bergen, either to terminate its activity or to change its legal structure, it is recommendable to follow all the steps of this legal procedure. Our law firm in Norway can assist you with all needed information.
Feel free to contact our Norwegian layers in order to help you with any legal issue that your business may encounter in this country. Our firm remains at the disposal of foreign investors with a wide variety of legal services in Bergen, for a clear and safe business activity in Norway.