Wealth Management in Norway

Wealth Management in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 30th May 2017

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By choosing a reliable and professional wealth management service in Norway, a foreign investor can make an informed investment of his assets. Wealth management refers as well to tax planning and financial advice which can make the business flourish in Norway. Our Norwegian lawyers can help you with legal advice which can make an important difference in the management of your revenues.

What does wealth management in Norway imply?

A careful and efficient wealth management service can make the difference for your business on the competitive market of Norway. Your assets can be secured allowing you to find the optimal solutions for the management of your company’s assets. The investment advice must be based on a throughout knowledge of the Norwegian legal system
Through our law firm in Norway, you can elaborate an investment portfolio which allows you to administer your founds in an advantageous way. Our team of consultants provides wealth management services and financial planning. Regardless whether you are interested in a wealth management service for your Norwegian company or for your private estate, you can consult with our attorneys in Norway in order to elaborate an investment plan.

Responsibilities of a wealth manager in Norway

The wealth management services provided by our Norwegian lawyers imply a consultative relationship with our clients. Wealth managers need to be informed on the particular situation and objectives of their clients in order to provide the suitable solutions to their requirements. Frequent meetings between our solicitors and clients ensure a complete investigation and permanently updated image on our clients’ needs.
Our attorneys in Norway can help you implement the Norwegian legal provisions so that your wealth in this country to increase. You will be informed on the risks implied by particular decisions and you can choose what strategy is more appropriate to your goals. The theoretical principles of wealth management need to be adapted to each business type in order to provide efficient solutions. 
Feel free to contact our Norwegian lawyers for professional assistance with wealth management in Norway