IT Law in Norway

IT Law in Norway

Updated on Thursday 15th June 2017

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IT Law in Norway

The IT law in Norway contains those provisions which regulate the legal way in which electronic information can be collected, stored and transmitted. The IT legislation in Norway touches sometimes matters of intellectual property and internet governance.

Our law firm in Norway can represent companies in IT related disputes which may arise in the country.

Main domains regulated by IT law in Norway  

The business activity of foreign investors in Norway may imply several domains in which IT law is applicable. The licencing of software or the employment of electronic signatures for transactions and administrative tasks represent only a few examples.
IT law has a huge importance for data security and privacy. By complying with the provisions of IT law, a company can avoid the risks of disputes which commonly arise from insufficient care with customer or employee data. 
Financial institutions but also common businesses that rely on E-commerce are directly affected by the provisions of IT law in Norway.
Our Norwegian lawyers are ready to explain you the local regulations concerning information technology in order to enhance the performance of your business and at the same time reducing the risks of litigations. Our attorneys’ experience in the IT legal framework of Norway can be of great use in preventing unpleasant situations or disputes caused by data processing.

More aspects of IT Law in Norway

IT law in Norway contains regulations concerning the utilization of internet as well as of computer programs by companies. Two main sub sections of IT law are Cyberlaw and Computer Law which refer to copyright aspects, freedom of expression and privacy.  
The highly technical vocabulary contained in the IT law makes recommendable to employ legal representation from one of the Norwegian lawyers who can be effective in any disputes which may arise related to e-commerce or software licensing. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Norway for ensuring the compliance of your business actions with the provisions contained in the Norwegian IT law.