Virtual Office in Norway

Virtual Office in Norway

Updated on Monday 09th January 2023

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If you have business activities in Norway or if you are planning to conduct business in the country, one of the most cost-efficient ways of doing it would be to request the services of a virtual office. With this type of office, you will not need to actually open an office in Norway. You can work and handle business operations from anywhere in the world. You can use video conferencing to conduct meetings and use other means of online communication to interact with clients. Our Norwegian lawyers can provide you with customized virtual office services.

Virtual office facilities in Norway

When you request the services of a virtual office in Norway, you will need to choose certain facilities to help you transact activities efficiently. Our law firm in Norway can help you acquire and set up these facilities and can explain the main advantages deriving from such services. 

Telephone, fax, and messaging in Norway

You might be able to run your business from anywhere in the world but you still need to have a presence in the country. Your clients and suppliers need to have a way to reach you. With a virtual office in Norway, you will have a local phone number where they can easily contact you.

Prestigious business address in Norway

Opting to have a prestigious business address can be advantageous for your company in Norway. It will be a place for your correspondence and business meetings, if needed. Your clients can also send you mail and forward it to wherever you are and make sure that you receive it. If you decide to establish a Norwegian company, you will be required to register a business address, a situation which can be easily solved when operating in Norway through a virtual office

Meeting rooms for the Norwegian virtual office

For more important business transactions, the need to be physically present in an office might arise. You need to have a meeting room prepared that is suitable for the needs of your business. With a meeting room for your virtual office in Norway, you will be able to interact with your clients face to face. Your clients will see first-hand how you handle business. If you opt to benefit from meeting rooms, our Norwegian lawyers can assist you. 

Secretarial services in Norway 

Although businesses can be done online, there is still a need for a person to be physically present in the country. Availing of secretarial services is an important acquisition for your business and can help you close deals and speed up transactions. Our Norwegian lawyers can provide you with more advice on the services that are available for your business needs.
When it comes to foreign citizens, our law firm provides assistance in a variety of legal problems. For instance, you must either find employment, get accepted into a Norwegian university, or have family members who already live in Norway if you want to receive a residence visa in Norway. When you have completed the requirements, get in touch with our attorneys for assistance in submitting the application.

What are the main advantages of a virtual office in Norway?  

Besides the above mentioned aspects which can help a new business to develop at a fast pace, the virtual office also provides associated advantages. One of the main aspects to be considered is that the virtual office has much lower costs than in the case of opening a traditional office. Furthermore, by doing business in Norway through a virtual office, the investors may also benefit from the following:
  • increased productivity  – the employees will not be required to arrive to the office on a current basis, as they can develop their activities from a remote location;
  • higher rate for employee retention – compared to a traditional office, the retention rate of employees working through a virtual office is higher;
  • cut the expenses that are usually associated with running a traditional office rent, equipment, cleaning and others;
  • there is no need to relocate due to various stringent reasons, a situation which generally has a strong financial impact on a company
If you have further questions regarding the services available for a virtual office in Norway, just contact our team for more details. Our lawyers in Norway are more than willing to offer you a personalized virtual office package and can help you with further advice on other associated matters.