Transportation Law in Norway

Transportation Law in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 19th April 2017

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The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications is the institution responsible of the approval or rejection of the regulations concerning transportation in Norway. In issues concerning public transportation, transportation of persons or goods, the Norwegian rules go hand in hand with the European norms concerning safety and transparency. Since most of the commercial activities imply at least one department which involves transportation, you can rely on our law firm in Norway for information regarding the Transportation Law in this country.

Overview on the Transportation Law in Norway

The Norwegian regulations regarding transportation are in the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. If you intend to invest in this sector in Norway, you must check and follow the legal framework adopted by this institution. The regulations refer to:
  • postal and telecommunications activities;
  • civil aviation;
  • rail transport and public roads;
  • Ferry services, coastal management, the marine transport policy.
The Transportation Law in Norway is constantly adapting to the new developments in this industry in order to improve its functionality. As such one of the most recent modifications took place in 2011, when a new section was added to the Regulation on International Transport of Passengers and Goods, and Cabotage. This section regards restriction of the transport operation of sea, air, or other transport services.
Our attorneys in Norway can keep you informed on those aspects of the Transportation Law which are most relevant for your business.

Employer’s obligations implied by the Transportation Law in Norway

You might intend to open a company in the tourism sector or a transportation company. In this case you will need to comply with those regulations which require specific licenses for your employees. Our attorneys in Norway can give you more information on these requirements.
Moreover, you must comply as well with the duty of care, which means that the driving hours of your employees must remain under the limit imposed by the law. As an employer you have the obligation to provide qualitative equipment and to provide as well the necessary training to your employees.
Even if your company operates in another sector, you might still require jobs implying a driving activity, or  the transportation of goods or people. Therefore you will need to obtain authorization for the vehicles which are going to be used by your employees and to guarantee that they meet the safety requirements. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our Norwegian lawyers for a complete presentation of the transportation legislation in this country.