The Main Industries in Norway to Invest in

The Main Industries in Norway to Invest in

Updated on Monday 09th January 2023

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The-Main-Industries-in-Norway-to-Invest-in.jpgNorway or the land of fiords as it is called has a great history, a rich culture, incredible landscapes and interesting traditions, besides a developed economy and a financial stability. Entrepreneurs do consider such features when thinking of relocating here, not to mention that the business environment is quite attractive. The economic stability of Norway places the country among the most powerful ones, considering the important industrial revolution that took place in the 19th century. The main industries in Norway to invest in are the agriculture, petroleum, telecommunication and the energy, and numerous businessmen choose to move here due to the convenient advantages from the taxation point of view. If you are interested in investing in Norway it is recommended to solicit detailed information from our Norwegian lawyers.

 Invest in Norway's agriculture

One of the most important business activities carried out by Norwegian families was and still is farming. Foreign families relocating to Norway can also establish such profitable activities. Having small farms in the eastern and northern parts of Norway come with numerous advantages and investors interested in this sector can benefit from all kinds of incentives and tax deductions established by the authorities in the country. Besides that, it is recommended to hire the local workforce for extra advantages for your business.

Feel free to rely on us for support in other matters, such as immigration. If you relocate, you will need to submit a number of documents in order to apply for a residence permit in Norway. Personal data, proof of accommodation, and information regarding the reason you are moving are a few of these. However, it is advisable to request specialized help due to possible language barriers that can complicate the process.


Exchange traded funds in Norway

The ETFs in Norway (Exchange Trade Funds) are considered an easy method of investment, where businessmen from abroad use a low management payment and have access to a varied group of securities from all kinds of significant sectors in Norway. The ETFs let entrepreneurs acquire extensive exposure and variation within a market segment. It is true, one should consider the risks that come with such investments, which is why it is recommended to avoid the common mistakes and the status of a beginner in investments. Our attorneys in Norway can provide you with suitable information about the investment possibilities in the country. Besides that, you can receive legal services for your company in Norway or in personal matters.

Investments in the petroleum sector in Norway

Norway has exits to the North Sea and numerous possibilities to explore and benefit from the existing petroleum. The oil and gas sector encountered a fruitful growth starting with the ‘70s, an important economic period in the country’s history. Nowadays, the petroleum field in Norway is entirely measured by the authorities who offer numerous ways for investments for all entrepreneurs interested in this area. This is one of the main reason why Norway is considered to be an expensive country, but a powerful one due to its richness in oil and gas.
As a short conclusion, all investors from abroad can extend their portfolios by investing in Norway’s main industries and benefit from the profits that come with such activities.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Norway if you need more details about the investment opportunities in the country.