Tenant Eviction in Norway

Tenant Eviction in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 21st November 2017

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The powerful Norwegian economy attracts every year many investors and workers who are as well in search of a lodging place or office spaces. Not all of them can or intend to buy a property in this country, and therefore most of them choose the renting, instead, as an alternative to property acquisition. The Norwegian legal framework has adapted in such a way as to be able to respond to those situations in which tenancy contracts are infringed, case in which tenant eviction is required. You can rely on our law firm in Norway to inform you on the specific provisions of the Tenancy Act which might affect you when you rent a place in this country for personal or business purposes. 

The Norwegian legislation on tenant eviction

In 1999 the Norwegian state adopted the Tenancy Act which defines a standard in terms of what a renting agreement should contain. It also describes the conditions which justify tenant eviction. The law mentions as well the tenants’ rights. There are no limitations imposed by the landlords concerning the prices or increases of the rent, since the rental market in Norway remains a free one.
The tenancy law contains provisions against discrimination in renting matters, and this aspect is monitored by the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Tribunal. The law stipulates as well the conditions in which the tenancy agreement may terminate, and those situations in which one can consider the contract has been breached. 
One of our Norwegian lawyers can assist you in the signing of a lease-rental agreement so that you can minimize the risk of entering into a contract with disadvantageous conditions.

Main steps for tenant eviction in Norway

In order to be able to evict a tenant, you need to be justified by serious reasons, such as delay with payment, or inappropriate care of the property. One of the first actions you can perform is to make a notice to the renter, in order to inform him on your complaints. 
In case the situation is not resolved by communication with the tenant, the landlord is recommended to contact the authorities. You may employ as well the legal services of one of our attorneys in Norway and to rely on his competence in the Norwegian Tenancy and Property Law.
Whether you will need court representation or just legal counseling in matters regarding the tenant eviction in Norway, you can confidently contact our law firm.