Start a Fintech Company in Norway

Start a Fintech Company in Norway

Updated on Friday 22nd September 2017

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The increased utilization of mobile devices worldwide has led to the development of new financial technologies which have the purpose to enhance the performance of financial services. These innovative financial technologies are called fintech and they represent one of the most fast growing and profitable sector in today’s business environment in Norway. Our Norwegian law firm can provide to foreign investors all necessary information concerning the establishment of a fintech company in Norway.

Why start a fintech company in Norway?

Not only Norway is a powerful financial center in Europe but this country is also one of the leaders in fintech development. The Norwegian economic framework is encouraging the set-up of new companies in this field. Norwegian banks in collaboration with already established fintech companies elaborated a hub which pushes innovation in this domain and helps new investors become acquainted with the particularities of this highly specialized area. 
The Norwegian government encourages as well the start-ups and provides to foreign investors a safe and encouraging climate. One of our attorneys in Norway can help you explore the business opportunities existing in this country by informing you on the governmental programs sustaining the set-up of fintech companies

Legal framework for opening a fintech company in Norway

There are strict licensing requirements in Norway concerning the conduct of financial activities however there is no specific fintech license imposed by the Norwegian state. The formation of a fintech company should follow according to the Company Law the same rules of registration with the Register of Business Enterprises.
It is important to organize your fintech business in one of the business structures provided by the Norwegian legal framework. In order to become visible on the market you should be careful as well in the choice of your company’s name and location. 
Feel free to contact our Norwegian attorneys in order to receive complete assistance with the establishment of your fintech business in Norway.