Set up a Travel Agency in Norway

Set up a Travel Agency in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 21st August 2018

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The tourism industry in Norway relies mainly on the natural beauties of this country. The culture and history of the main cities such as the capital Oslo are also important attractions for visitors worldwide. The Norwegian Travel Trade Association supports travel and transport businesses through projects and schemes thus contributing to the development of this sector. Our law firm in Norway can help you with the registration procedure for your travel agency in Norway and help you understand the legal framework and opportunities in this country.

Legislation related to providing tourism services in Norway

Depending on the objectives and structure of your travel agency in Norway you might be interested in those legal provisions which regulate the conservation of natural parks and bird reserves. The Royal Decree of 4 April 2014 regards the boundaries and restrictions functioning in the natural parks of Norway. Our Norwegian lawyers can offer you details on the special traffic regulations contained in this body of law. Special provisions for foreign investors might also be important for a successful start in this country. 
The following video offers a short presentation on the registration of a Norwegian travel agency

In order to set up a tourism agency in Norway you might need to obtain special licenses which allow you to conduct your business in the travel sector. The type of legal structure in which your enterprise is organized may influence the type of license for which you must apply. 
Our attorneys in Norway can offer you complete details about the types of legal structures under which you can register your travel agency in Norway and can further inform you on the legal provisions which might impact your business objectives in this industry.  

Certifications and licences required for travel agents in Norway

One of the first steps in setting up a travel agency in Norway is to register you company through the Register of Business Enterprises. You have to decide on the business structure suitable to your business plan. A private limited liability company Aksjeselskap can be opened with a minimum capital of 100.000 NOK (13,000 EUR).
In order to function as a travel agency, some of your employees will need to have special certifications, proving their competence in the travel industry. The particular conditions in the national parks require special licenses and trained people who can guide exploration activities for different types of clients. A travel agency license will allow your business to receive payments for tourism packages related to exploring tours, and to provide various types of travel packages. 
For more information regarding the required documentation and the registration procedure for a travel agency in Norway, you are welcome to contact our Norwegian lawyers