Set Up a Hair Salon in Norway

Set Up a Hair Salon in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Set-Up-a-Hair-Salon-in-Norway.pngThe hair salon sector in Norway is best developed in Oslo, the capital city of the country. Businessmen who want to open a company in Norway as a hair salon business should know that there are two main types of salons, divided by the quality of the services they offer – boutique salons and luxury salons
A hair salon in Norway has to comply with several health requirements, as the hairdressers and beauticians are constantly exposed to various harmful substances that are used when performing their profession. Our team of Norwegian lawyers can offer legal assistance on the main business permits that are required for a hair salon registered in this country. 

What types of services does a Norwegian hair salon offer? 

A hair salon in Norway will generally offer services that are exclusively addressed to the styling of one’s hair (by cutting, trimming, dyeing and so on). Such services are to be performed by professionals who have expertise in their respective fields; for example, depending on the type of salon (boutique/luxury), certain services may only be offered by persons who have the degree of hair stylists. Some of the most common hair salon services are: 
  • hair styling services addressed to men, such as coloring, trimming, haircuts
  • services addressed to women, such as full and partial coloring, styling, blow drying, remodeling and cutting;
  • hair services addressed to children and styling for special events (weddings, proms and other official events);
  • services addressed for the facial hair (eyebrow and upper lip waxing). 

Are there any health and safety regulations for Norwegian hair salons? 

The country does not have specific health and safety regulations that are addressed to hair salons, but there are regulations available for hazards and health issues that are related to the employment sector – including the profession of hairstylist, which has several risks (the tendency of developing asthma). 
The main rule of law which prescribes what a safe work environment is and what are the secure working conditions is given by the Norwegian Working Environment Act; our team of lawyers in Norway can provide legal assistance on the main provisions. 
It is important to know that the main institution which verifies if the legislation is applied correctly is the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority; other relevant authorities are represented by the National Institute of Occupational Health and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway. Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Norway for more details on the registration requirements available for a local hair salon.