Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Norway

Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 11th July 2017

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Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Norway

The Norwegian legislation has incorporated the latest international decisions in matters of intellectual property. There are specific rules in Norway concerning the issuance of patents, and the Norwegian state adopted new provisions in order to provide protection against copyright infringement on the internet.

Our law firm in Norway can provide to our clients detailed explanations on the key Norwegian rules, based on which you can defend your case in a legal dispute. Moreover one of our solicitors can tell you more on the legal options available in Norway for solving a conflict in matters of intellectual property

Norwegian legislation concerning intellectual property

The vast majority of the intellectual property conflicts appear because one of the parties of a contract violates the Norwegian legislation concerning copyrights or patent protection. Therefore a company operating in Norway has to follow The Patents Act from 1967 containing most of the domestic statutes which regulate intellectual property. Moreover you can take in consideration as well the provisions of the Designs Act adopted by this country in 2003 and those of the Marketing Act which came in force in 2010.  
If you are part of a dispute concerning intellectual property in Norway, you must as well be aware of the fact that this country is part of international agreements such as Paris Union Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Universal Copyright Convention, which grant you protection for patents and copyright outside the borders of the state.
Our lawyers in Norway can help you establish what provisions you can employ in a legal dispute in order to defend your intellectual property rights.

First steps in solving a legal dispute concerning intellectual property in Norway

In order to avoid a conflict related to intellectual property in Norway it is important to elaborate a strategy to defend your innovative ideas and products. If you have a patent in another country and you decide to invest in Norway, it is important to obtain as well recognition in this country. You can do this by submitting to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) an application for validation.
If your rights have been violated you can address to our law firm in Norway in order to find the most appropriate solution for your particular situation. Whether the problem allows for arbitration, this would be a much cheaper way to solve an intellectual property dispute in less time. However one of our attorneys in Norway can as well represent you in court and apply the Norwegian legislation in order to defense of your case.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Norwegian law firm in order to settle as soon as possible an intellectual property dispute