Registering a Trademark in Norway

Registering a Trademark in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 03rd May 2017

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If you open a company in Norway you will need to elaborate as well a representative symbol for your business, a visual concept which can make the public differentiate between your enterprise and other similar products offered by your competition. A trademark in Norway is a representation which translates in a condensed visual form the values or the profile of your company. Our law firm in Norway is ready to provide you with all the information you need on the legal framework which regulates the creation and registration of a trademark in Norway

Types of trademarks in Norway 

The trademark will help your clients to identify your company from other providers on the Norwegian market. This is why foreign investors should be careful to which elements are going to be used in the trademark and what is the message that they deliver. The consumer will react differently to different types of trademarks, and the information should be of immediate impact on the public. 
The Norwegian law gives you the possibility to register a standard trademark consisting of logos, slogans or pieces of suggestive words in order to emphasize the key aspects of your business. Our attorneys in Norway can assist you comply with the local regulations. For example, if you intend to register a trademark for an association of enterprises, then you should apply for a collective trademark. When an investor needs to certify the quality of his products he should propose a certification trademark
You may as well propose a three dimensional trademark if you need to promote your business in media which support this facility. Our Norwegian lawyers are ready to explain to you the conditions provided by the Norwegian law regarding the creation of a representative trademark in this country. 

Trademark registration process in Norway

The main law which regulates the registration of a trademark Norway is the Trademarks Act released in 2003. According to its provisions, the main authority which keeps the register of trademarks at national level is the Patent Office.
The trademark proposed for registration must not be offending or deceiving and must not utilise already existing symbol without authorization from their owners. 
The filing of the application with the Patent Office must include the business name of the company, a reproduction of the proposed trademark and other additional documents and data. If you intend to maintain the secrecy over certain pieces of information you can expressly ask that they should not be available to the wide public. 
The processing time of your application for trademark registration in Norway is usually solved in less than six months, and the approved trademark will be functional for at least five years, if you don’t apply for a prolongation. 
If you decided to register a trademark in Norway, you are invited to contact our law firm. Our attorneys in Norway can competently inform you on the legal conditions which must be respected in order to receive approval for your trademark application.