Power of Attorney in Norway

Power of Attorney in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 06th March 2024

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If you want to employ representation for your company in various business and legal contexts then you need to employ the power of attorney in Norway. Through this legal service, a local attorney can take specific decisions for your company in particular situations that should be specified in the contract. Our law firm in Norway can explain to you the legal provisions regarding the power of attorney in this country and the provisions which must remain in your attention when you employ legal representation. 

Main characteristics of the Norwegian power of attorney

The power of attorney in Norway can be appointed by the signing of a granting form which is signed between a person or a Norwegian company and a local lawyer. The first thing to be decided about is the amount of power with which you intend to invest your legal representative. As such, according to your needs and wishes you can employ one of the following types of power of attorney in Norway:
  • Limited power of attorney, which is used in transactions, for cases in which a company needs representation only once for a particular contract;
  • Durable power of attorney, allows more space of action for the attorney employed, who can act in your interest on a general area of your affairs. In order to end it you must explicitly revoke it when you consider it is no longer useful for your business;
  • Springing power of attorney imposes a trigger condition (such as a particular event) for the activation of the power of your representative.  From that moment on, your attorney can act in your behalf in a similar way with the durable power of attorney
Our Norwegian lawyers are ready to respond to your requirements in case you employ a power of attorney service
You can also grants us a power of attorney for represenration in a case of divorce in Norway.

When is advisable to use the power of attorney in Norway.

A power of attorney can be employed in Norway whenever you think you may need the help of a legal expert in decision making for your business.
You may request a power of attorney as well if you suspect that certain events might affect in the future you capacity to continue your business work according to your actual plans. The appointing of a power of attorney can be performed only by a person who can make proof to be in mental health. 
If you need assistance in particular financial or legal situations it might be advisable to make use of a power of attorney in Norway so that a representative will be able to act on your behalf and defend your interests. 
Another aspect to keep in mind is the conditions for ending the power of attorney service. All details must be provided in the employment form signed between a foreign investor in Norway and the Norwegian lawyers.
If you authorize our lawyers in Norway they can offer you representation and implement your perspectives in decisions regarding financial and legal aspects of your business. Feel free to contact our firm for more information regarding the signing of a power of attorney form and any other further assistance.