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Personnel Relocation to Norway

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Personnel Relocation to Norway
Employee relocation to Norway applies to non-EU citizens only. Workers from EU countries are not subject to employment visas when transferred to local companies. Intra-company transfers to Norway are not complicated, as the procedure implies the same steps as when applying for work permits.
Below, our lawyers in Norway explain how to obtain intra-company work visas. We are at your service if you want to complete any procedure related to personnel relocation to Norway.

The procedure for intra-company transfers to Norway

Employee relocation to Norway is applicable if the worker is going inside a company or group to Norway for a predetermined period of time with a set start and end date. At the end of the period the employee must return to the home country or state in which he/she works. Another requirement is for the company or group to be located outside the EU.
Personnel relocation to Norway implies the future employer to apply for the work permit. Otherwise, the employee's work permit will not be approved if he/she doesn't already have a job offer. The work permit is linked to a certain employment, therefore if the foreign worker switches positions, it becomes invalid.
As you can read there are specific conditions when applying for intra-company transfers, which is why before starting the procedure, you can consult with our law firm in Norway.
We are also at the services of foreign citizens who decide to immigrate to Norway through other pathways. Anybody can immigrate to Norway. People from all over the world can move here in a number of ways, including for work or for business. For people who have access to sizable sums of money and are prepared to invest it in the Norwegian economy, investing is another option. Employment and marriage are also ways to relocate here.

Categories of workers that qualify for personnel relocation to Norway

Employee relocation to Norway is available for the following:
  • senior management personnel;
  •  highly trained employees;
  •  key staff;
  • students in a training program are typically eligible for the program.
The authorities must be provided with qualification certificates as part of the application process. Feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Norway for support in drafting the necessary paperwork.

Requirements for employers in Norway

The company brining foreign workers must also meet certain requirements in terms of personnel relocation to Norway, as follows:
  1. the employee must be working with a company that is registered outside Norway;
  2. the company to which the employee is transferred must have a registered business address in Norway;
  3. the offer must be for a single Norwegian company;
  4. the remuneration and the working conditions must be equal to conditions offered to local employees;
  5. the Norwegian company must be able to provide proof that the foreign company complies with the assignment's requirements for remuneration and working conditions.
In exchange, the worker’s qualification must be to the capacity of the position occupied.  He or she must possess the necessary recognition or authorization in order to carry out an assignment in an occupation for which it is necessary.
Feel free to address our Norwegian lawyers for support in intra-company transfer procedures.

Validity of intra-company transfer visas

Visas for employee transfer in Norway have different validity periods, as follows:
  • it can be issued for maximum periods of 2 years at a time;
  • the maximum validity of such a permit is 6 years;
  • however, a 2-year pause period must take place between two applications;
  • provided that the visa is issued for more than 6 months, it can also be used for family reunification purposes.
According to recent information, from the start of this year until September 2022, 8,931 work permits were issued to residents of non-EU/EEA nations. Indian, Vietnamese, British, Philippine, Serbian, and Thai nationals received the most work licenses from the nation, among others.
For support in personnel relocation to Norway, please contact our local lawyers. Your type of Norwegian residence permit will determine whether you are automatically registered as a resident and issued a national identity number. Among the several residency permits that are offered are those that allow you to study, visit family, or work. Find out which of our attorneys best suits your needs by contacting us.