Opening a Textile Manufacturing Company in Norway

Opening a Textile Manufacturing Company in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 06th June 2017

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Opening a Textile Manufacturing Company in NorwayNorwegian fabrics are widely renowned for their quality, so opening a textile manufacturing company in Norway can be a very profitable decision. The textile manufacturing industry in Norway is comprised of companies that address different activities: the transformation of natural cotton, production processes and final products. This industry has rapidly grown over the last decade, becoming an attractive investment sector in Norway. Specific product regulations apply to textile manufacturing companies in Norway. If you are interested in setting up this type of company, our law firm in Norway can provide you with relevant information on the matter.

How to open a textile manufacturing company in Norway?

The textile industry in Norway has transformed radically during the last years due to the evolution of production costs, technological changes and the emergence of international competitors. If you decided to open a textile manufacturing business in Norway, you have to choose the type of company that suits your interests. Depending on the start-up capital and the number of investors, there are a lot of options from which to choose: sole proprietorships, limited companies, partnerships, cooperative societies and associations. Many small and medium businesses are started as sole proprietorships and later transformed into limited companies.

When opening a textile manufacturing company in Norway you have to be aware of certain environmental and safety requirements that apply in this sector. The European Textile Regulation on fibre names and related labeling and marking of the fibre composition of textile products regulates business in this domain. Business permits and licenses are needed before opening a textile manufacturing company in Norway. A detailed presentation of the legal requirements for starting a business in the textile sector can be offered to you by our attorneys in Norway.

Rules and regulations for textile companies in Norway

The Norwegian ministry of the Environment is the local authority which supervises and regulates the textile industry. If you want to open a business in Norway in the textile manufacturing sector, there are certain obligations to consider:

•    To state the full fibre composition of textile products;
•    Minimum technical conditions for application for a new fibre name;
•    To indicate the presence of animal origin parts in the textile product;
•    To name the exemptions applicable to products made by self-employed tailors.

If you want legal assistance through the process of opening a textile manufacturing company in Norway, don`t hesitate to contact our Norwegian law firm.