Open an E-commerce Company in Norway

Open an E-commerce Company in Norway

Updated on Monday 04th December 2017

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With a turnover of 12.7 billion euros in 2017, the Norwegian e-commerce is still growing. More and more online customers and investors are attracted to use the online market. The Nordic retailers develop mobile optimised platforms in order to reach their buyers and meet their needs. Whether you already have a company in Norway and want to open an online segment, or if you intend to open an e-commerce company in Norway you should inform yourself on the local legal conditions, from one of our Norwegian lawyers

The first steps when starting an e-commerce company in Norway

According to the recent studies, one of the most important aspects when opening and e-commerce company in Norway is to conduct an anticipative research. A market study gives valuable information on the potential visitors of your online store and helps you design your selling strategy.
In the online medium, the image of your e-commerce company is going to influence in great deal your revenues. Therefore you need to invest in an attractive website, easily navigable, offering concise information.
Our law firm in Norway is the place from where you can find out the Norwegian provisions related to the sale of goods in the online medium. 

Legal foundation for an e-commerce business in Norway

The registration of an e-commerce business in Norway does not differ in great deal from the registration of a classic company. A name and a business structure need to be selected by the owner, and the documentation to be filled with the Norwegian authorities. One of our attorneys is Norway can help you elaborate the required documents and complete your registration. 
You will need as well to buy an internet domain for your company, where your website can be hosted, and to find out information on the payment platforms for your online store. Through an online business you can address both customers from Norway but also buyers from other places in the world. 
Feel free to contact our Norwegian lawyers who can give you all the details on the internet legislation and data protection in Norway, so that you can safely open you e-commerce business in this country.