Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Norway

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Norway

Updated on Thursday 17th May 2018

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Open-an-Advertising-and-Marketing-Company-in-Norway.jpgWhat are the advantages of starting an online advertising company in Norway? 

It can be an attractive idea to start a company in Norway in the online advertising sector, as the Norwegian market benefits from a very developed internet infrastructure and a large consumer market. In this sense, investors should know that the internet penetration in Norway reached 98% of the total consumer market, which is represented by more than 5 million persons. Out of the total population of 5,2 million citizens, 5,1 million have internet access, which can provide competitive advantages to advertising companies. Our team of lawyers in Norway can assist businessmen with advice on the internet regulations applicable here.  

What are the main types of advertising activities carried out in the online sector?  

Although Norway provides all types of advertising activities, the online segment can offer relevant business prospects, as this represents an expanding market. Norway conducts a wide range of online advertising services, but the most developed are the ones mentioned below:
  • display advertising – this subsector accounts for 27% of the entire online advertising sector, and it has a total value of $340,9 million;
  • video advertising – it accounts for 6.3% of the total market and it has a total value of $80.3 million;
  • search marketing – it represents 29% of the total market and it accounts for $367 million;
  • social media advertising  represents 7.2% of the advertising market, having a total value of $91.6 million. 
It is also important to mention that another relevant sector that is rapidly increasing in this country is the mobile advertising and our team of Norwegian lawyers can advise on how to set up a business in one of the above mentioned sectors. 

Are there any prohibitions related to advertising products in Norway? 

Norway imposes certain types of prohibitions related to the advertising of certain products, such as alcoholic beverages. The Alcohol Act prescribes which are the prohibitions on this matter, and it refers to advertising campaigns conducted through outdoor media, television, radio and others. Investors can contact our law firm in Norway for in-depth advice regarding this rule of law.