Open a Tech Company in Norway

Open a Tech Company in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 29th August 2018

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Open-a-Tech-Company-in-Norway.jpgA tech company in Norway is a part of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, which has become increasingly important for the local economy. When referring to the ICT industry, it is important to know that all the classic sub-sectors are well represented on the local market, as the country stands as one of the main European destinations for tech businesses. Our team of lawyers in Norway can advise businessmen on the registration procedure of a tech company

Main sub-sectors of the Norwegian ICT sector 

Investors who want to set up a business in Norway as a tech company are advised to study the main characteristics of this industry, the main competitors, the types of products and services which are in high demand and others, in order to establish a suitable development strategy. Our team of Norwegian lawyers can provide advice on the registration of tech company operating in one of the following sub-sectors:
  • data operations and IT services, such as infrastructure, software, content management and delivery or mobile platforms;
  • consultancy services, software and data producers, as well as suppliers of radio and television equipment;
  • telecommunications, including mobile phone services and television services;
  • multimedia, internet, system integrators or ICT services delivered to the maritime sector

Information regarding the ICT sector in Norway 

Norway stands out as the leading jurisdiction in the Scandinavian region regarding the internet penetration (97%). At the level of August 2017, a large part of the local companies were visible in the online environment80% of them had a website. It is also important to know that the number of companies which had a download speed higher than 30 Mbit/s increased in the last few years (34% in 2014 to 45% in 2017). 
Another important aspect is that the Norwegian citizens increased their online presence, as the value of online shopping expanded (e-commerce grew in numerous sectors, from booking holidays to purchasing clothes) as well as for using online banking services. Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Norway for consultancy services regarding the legislation regulating this industry.