Open a Restaurant in Norway

Open a Restaurant in Norway

Updated on Friday 05th August 2022

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The opening of a restaurant in Norway must follow several legal requirements both in matters of company formation regulations and regarding compliance with the provisions of the Food Act in this country.

Our law firm in Norway can assist you with the registration process for your enterprise with the local authorities as well as familiarize you with the legislation concerning restaurant licensing in this country. We are also at your disposal with services for immigration to Norway.


Main requirements concerning the registration of a restaurant with the Norwegian authorities

The set-up of a restaurant in Norway implies the typical procedure of registration for business entities with the local authorities. As a food business owner you will have to choose a legal form in which to organize you restaurant. You might open a limited liability company, or you might prefer instead a Ansvarlig selskap (ANS) which stands for a general partnership and which has no initial investment requirements.

The registration documentation can be elaborated by our Norwegian lawyers and filed with the Norwegian Register (Foretaksregisteret) so that you can have more time for the acquisitions and other organizational aspects of your restaurant in Norway. If you are a foreigner and want to open a restaurant, our immigration lawyers in Norway can assist you in moving here.

What implications have the food regulations on restaurant owners in Norway?

In Norway, restaurants fall under the supervision of a national authority in matters of food quality and safety of the consumer. This body is called The Norwegian Food Safety Authority which is a governmental organization responsible with the verification of plant, fish and animal health, from the stage of production up to the processing and sale of food products. Anyone who wants to start a business in Norway in the food sector must know that, in order to function, a restaurant needs to obtain approval from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. This body has to verify the hygiene conditions, the freezing systems as well as the qualification of the employees of a Norwegian restaurant.

According to the Food Act in Norway, an establishment who intends to sell food to the public is not allowed to operate until it obtains a special license. The license can be obtained from the municipality through an application in which you need to provide a name and address, information about ownership as well as the proof of passing the food services act knowledge test.

In order to obtain a food license, the owner or general manager of a restaurant in Norway must pass the food services act knowledge test, which, for a registration fee of 400 NOK, provides you with a certificate which does not require renewal.   You can also contact us if you are interested in immigration to Norway.

Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Norway in order to clarify any questions you may have on the Food Act legislation and its implication in the opening of your restaurant in this country.  You can also rely on our immigration lawyers in Norway for tailored services.