Open a Recruitment Company in Norway

Open a Recruitment Company in Norway

Updated on Monday 16th October 2017

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Recruitment in Norway is not regulated by a specific law. It functions based on the employer’s preferences and needs. There are certain differences which appear between the private and public sector in matters regarding employment. The vast majority of companies in Norway rely on recruitment companies as well as persons who look for work. So you might find a welcoming market in Norway if you intend to open there a recruitment company. For the registration process and accurate information on the company formation regulations you can rely on our law firm in Norway.

The activities of a recruitment company in Norway

In Norway, most of the public companies work in collaboration with recruitment companies in order to secure the employment for the vacant places in the enterprise. In the public sector, the law requires that the open positions to be announced and a competition organized, according to specific requirements. 
The private sector is the area in which recruitment companies are the most needed. The company has the obligation to launch a public application, and therefore a recruitment company can interview people so that the requirements of the employer to be satisfied. The employer can freely choose the people who are going to work in the company, as long as the discrimination laws are not infringed. 
The recruitment company must be able to elaborate and sign the work contract for temporary or permanent positions in a company, as well as for internships or substitutes. One of our attorneys in Norway can help you familiarize with the legal provisions concerning work contracts and employment in this country so that you can open a professional recruitment company in this country.

Advice on setting up a recruitment company in Norway

One of the basic steps in opening a recruitment company in Norway is to decide in what industry niche you intend to specialize (for example IT or medical services) and to develop a focused business plan. There are several recruitment services that you could offer, so you should see how many of these you will be able to provide to your clients.
Another important aspect is to find a location for your recruitment enterprise in Norway so that you can have enough visibility. Don’t start the business registration before informing yourself on the particularities of the Norwegian Company Law. Our Norwegian lawyers can be your guide in the business legislation in this country and can help you obtain the required licenses for your field. 
Feel free to contact our law firm in Norway so that you can profit of our professional company registration services, and speed up the set-up of your recruitment company in this country.