Open a DA in Norway

Open a DA in Norway

Updated on Thursday 15th June 2017

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open DA in Norway

When you intend to associate with another partner but at the same time benefit from shared liability, the Norwegian state gives you the opportunity to form a Selskap med delt ansvar or DA (general partnership with shared liability).

This business form is very popular among foreign investors who decide to enter the Norwegian market. Our law firm in Norway provides to its clients complete legal services and assistance in the formation and registration of Norwegian companies. 

Main characteristics of DA in Norway

The DA is a particular case of general partnership thus having overall the same characteristics with this business structure. The only difference consists of the way in which liability is borne by the partners. More specifically, in a DA, the partners have together the entire financial responsibility for the company, however each of them is liable only up to his/her ownership interest in the enterprise. One of our attorneys in Norway can give you complete details on the responsibilities involved by your part of liability in a DA
In order to register a DA in Norway, there must be at least two individuals or legal persons who decide to enter a general partnership. These decisions are mostly taken by the directors of the companies in question. The liability is going to be shared among the partners proportionally with the percentage of ownership that each partner has in the business.  
The office of a general partnership with shared liability must be established in Norway although not all of the partners need to be residents in this country. The main document which stays at the base of the DA formation is the partnership agreement which has to contain a mission statement of the business and the individual contribution of each partner. 
The elaboration of the partnership contract is very important for your future contentment with the business because it mentions each partner’s attributions. It is recommendable therefore to employ one of our Norwegian lawyers in order to advise you and to help you elaborate the partnership agreement in Norway

Registration procedure for a DA in Norway

The registration procedure for a general partnership with shared liability (DA) in Norway starts with the application for an available name, in compliance with the Property Law in Norway. Depending on the domain in which your partnership is going to operate, you may consider as well to register a trademark.
The next step is the actual registration process with the Business Register, the authority which receives the documentation containing the main data about your company. You and your partners must provide your identities, the partnership agreement as well as the main objectives of the DA. The processing of the application for registration does not take more than a few days in Norway, after which you can continue your investment strategy in this country.
Please feel free to contact our attorneys in Norway for legal assistance with the registration of a general partnership with shared liability in this country.