Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Norway

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Norway

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

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With several internet based banks, Norway operates nowadays with bitcoins, which are considered by many as the 21st century asset. In order to protect the transactions from internet theft, the financial institutions have elaborated specific encryption methods and new financial strategies. There are many foreign investors who decide to open in Norway cryptocurrency companies in order to facilitate bank transfers and distribute information through block-chains.

Our Norwegian lawyers can assist anyone with information and help in opening a cryptocurrency company in Norway.

Norway as a good spot to open a business in cryptocurrency

Norway is one of the first countries in Europe that has launched coinbase integration. The regular accounts of investors in Norway can be connected to a coinbase account. Through several internet platforms account holders can view their balances and values of bitcoins. 
The high specialization of the Norwegian workforce in the newest technologies allows the banks to provide increased security for bitcoin owners. The bitcoins refer to virtual currencies which are encrypted through very complicated methods. The advantage of cryptocurrency is that it is not centralized thus making intrusion or theft almost impossible.  
If you intend to invest in this sector it is advisable to seek guidance from one of our Norwegian lawyers who can familiarize you with the legal framework concerning cryptocurrency and company formation in this country.  

The first steps in opening a cryptocurrency company in Norway

The first step in starting a company in Norway is to elaborate a clear and focused business plan. Then you need to start a registration process with the Norwegian authorities. Our attorneys in Norway can help you gather the required documentation.
Another key aspect for setting up a cryptocurrency company in Norway is to hire specialized personnel. The workforce in Norway is trained and finding the right employees will not be a difficult task not even for such a recent technology as cryptocurrency.
You are invited to contact our Norwegian law firm in order to discuss all aspects concerning the formation of your cryptocurrency company in Norway.