Obtain Information About Norwegian Companies

Obtain Information About Norwegian Companies

Updated on Tuesday 02nd May 2017

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According to the Company Act in Norway to each company is assigned an unique number at its registration. This allows you to obtain information on a company of your interest in order to sign contracts, establish partnerships with it or purchase it for further investments. Our Norwegian lawyers can assist you with company incorporation procedures and with obtaining the relevant data on the target enterprise.  

Identifying details for a Norwegian company

The main authority which holds data on the companies functioning in Norway is the Brønnøysundregistrenel Registry. These data consist of the Sektorkode (Commercial Code of the company) as well as name, date of registration, address, people of the board, and the declared purposes of the enterprise. The type of legal structure and the company number – Organisasjonsnummer – are also included among the details that you can find through a company search
The company number is made of 9 digits and is required in banks transactions and invoices emitted by the company. The code is also useful in the communication with the authorities. 
Not every company has a company number; sole proprietorships and entities who do not employ human resources are not usually required for registration. Among other legal services, our law firm in Norway provides to foreign investors assistance with company verification services

The structure of the Norwegian identification number for companies

The obtaining of information on a Norwegian company is possible through the commercial number of the company which starts with the country code NO followed by nine digits and ending with three letters which stand for the abbreviation of Value Added Tax in Norwegian. This number is used by the company for the signing of every business document.
The platform provided by the Norwegian state in order to register a company’s commercial code or to look for information about a company is called Altinn and it provides quick identification of the business entities registered with the Norwegian Trade Register. Our Norwegian lawyers can give you more details regarding the uses of the identification number of a company for import and export activities.  
One of the conditions for a successful company verification is to make sure that the search criteria that you use for a particular company are correct. Our Norwegian law firm can help you find the information that you want on eventual business partners in Norway. Feel free to contact our attorneys in Norway for more information on company verification in this country.