Obtain a Fiance Visa in Norway - Guide for Foreign Nationals

Obtain Fiance Visa in Norway

Updated on Monday 08th January 2024

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Obtain a Fiance Visa in Norway
Norwegian and foreign nationals can bring their future spouses to the country with a special type of residence visa. Also, known as the fiancé visa, this type of residence permit must be applied for by the person living in Norway.
If you want to apply for a fiancé visa in Norway, you can rely on our lawyers. We are at your disposal with several types of services related to immigration to Norway.

What is a fiancé visa?

The fiancé permit is in fact an engagement visa obtained for the purpose of getting married and securing residency in Norway. For this purpose, at least one of the two people engaged to be married must be Norwegian resident because the respective person will act as a sponsor for the other.
The procedure to obtain a fiancé visa for Norway is not complicated, however, it is lengthy due to the fact that the number of applications is quite high. If you want to avoid long waiting periods, you can use our legal services.

Scenarios for the Norwegian fiancé visa

When discussing applying for a fiancé visa, there are two cases that can be taken into account:
  • when one of the two partners is a foreign citizen;
  • when both life partners are foreigners and want to move to Norway.
Depending on your case, you can rely on our law firm in Norway for support with the application. Please note that in order to secure this type of visa, you also need a sponsor who will be the Norwegian resident. In case you are both foreign citizens, at least one of you must apply for a temporary residence permit.

Sponsorship requirements under the fiancé visa in Norway

Here are the main requirements applicable to those who want to sponsor their partners to join them in Norway under the fiancé visa:
  • he or she must have a minimum annual income of NOK 251 856 or  EUR 21.821;
  • he or she must submit evidence in this case, such as the employment contract, a tax return, or payslip;
  • also, proof of accommodation must also be demonstrated.
Once the fiancé visa has been issued and the marriage has taken place, the foreign spouse may apply to for family reunification the closest police station. Before that, the sponsor must submit information about their marital status, housing situation, and plans to get married to their foreign life partner.
Our Norwegian lawyers are at your disposal for support in both procedures in terms of applying for a fiancé visa.

The procedure for obtaining a fiancé permit when both partners are foreigners

To get married in Norway, you do not require a residence permit or to be a citizen of Norway, but you need to be physically present in the country. In this case, legal stay means having one of the following:
  • a valid visitor visa;
  •  a valid free-stay visa-free;
  • a Norwegian residence permit;
  •  a residence permit issued in an EU/EEA country.
In order to get married in Norway, you must first obtain a non-impediment certificate, which has a validity of 4 months. During this time, you can apply for the fiancé visa for your partner.
Get in touch with our lawyers and let us help you apply for a fiancé visa for Norway, if you have language difficulties or need support in applying for the non-impediment certificate.

Where can one apply for Norway’s fiancé visa?

Those who are eligible for fiancé visas must submit their applications at any Norwegian embassy or consulate if they are abroad. In certain nations, it is also allowed to file the application at the Danish or Swedish embassy.
If the foreign national has held another type of Norwegian residence permit for the last 9 months, he or she may apply from within Norway. The same applies for those who hold valid work visas.
It is important to note that if the foreign applicant applies from Norway or through a Norwegian embassy, they can register their application online. If the candidate submits their application in person at a Swedish or Danish embassy, they must go in person to the respective official authority.
You can rely for detailed information on this type of permit with our lawyers in Norway who can also help you gather the necessary paperwork.

Obtaining a marriage license based on a Norwegian fiancé visa


Norway’s fiancé visa is in fact a permit issued for the purpose of getting married in this country. For this purpose, the foreign applicant must gather various documents that will be verified by the Norwegian Tax Administration, which maintains the population records. The officials here will check if all requirements for marriage are fulfilled before granting the license.
Here is a list of the documents you will need you to present when filing for a marriage license:
  • a certificate of non-impediment to marriage proving;
  • a valid residence permit;
  • a valid entry-visa, if you are a first time comer from an non-EU/EEA state;
  • a letter of invitation from the Norwegian partner.
To remain in Norway after the marriage, you and your spouse must apply for a family reunion visa. Please note that the visa must be submitted before your fiancé permit expires.
One of the advantages of securing Norway’s fiancé visa is that you can remain in the country while your application is being processed. Also, as long as the permit is in valid, you are free to enter and exit Norway, as well as work here.
You can rely on our Norwegian lawyers for support in applying for both fiancé and marriage licenses.
One of the documents that needs to be included in the fiancé visa application is the invitation letter. It must be obtained when you plan to marry a Norwegian resident or citizen.


The invitation letter


The information provided in the letter should include the following:
  • the time and place of your meeting;
  • the length of time you have known each other;
  • specifics of your meetings.
Also, it is just as important to understand that if you are foreign citizen marrying another foreign citizen living in Norway, sponsorship is required. Our immigration specialists can offer more information on this subject.
Feel free to address all your questions on Norway’s fiancé visa requirements to our local law firm.

Is it possible to come to Norway through another visa than the fiancé permit?

You can apply for a residence permit if you want to get married in Norway to someone who resides here. If you moved to this country by other means, you could also get married in Norway. This means that the fiancé visa is not the only document you can use to immigrate to Norway to legalize your relationship.
What should be noted about the fiancé visa for Norway is that you cannot apply for it if you want to visit the country and to decide whether you want to get married or to spend more time getting to know your partner. 
With respect to obtaining citizenship in Norway, it can only be secured through naturalization if you move to the country based on a fiancé visa. Our Norwegian law firm can offer assistance in applying for citizenship.

Marriage and divorce statistics in Norway

Norway is one of the countries in which the number of marriages is on an ascending trend. According to statistics:
  • the number of marriages registered in 2022 was 20,769;
  • this represents an increase of 4,719 weddings compared to the previous year;
  • however, in 2022, there were also 8,204 divorces and 9,062 separations.
If you need assistance in applying for a fiancé visa in Norway, contact us.