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Spouse Visa Requirements in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 26th July 2023

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Spouse Visa Requirements in Norway
Non-EU/EEA citizens who have successfully managed to immigrate to Norway can bring various family members to live with them.  On the list of relatives are usually the spouse and children. The Norwegian spouse visa requirements are not very stringent, however, they must be fully respected in order to ease the relocation for the foreign wife or husband.
Below, our lawyers in Norway explain the main conditions to bring your spouse here no matter your country of origin. You can rely on us for assistance in applying for a spouse visa for Norway or, better said, a family reunion visa which is the category this type of residence permit enters.

Who qualifies for a Norwegian spouse visa?

Even if its name refers to the spouse, this type of visa can also be obtained by:
  • civil partner;
  • partner the Norwegian resident lives with.
For each situation the requirements to obtain a spouse visa for Norway are different. This is why it is best to seek counsel based on a case-to-case situation.
Also, please mind that both the Norwegian and foreign spouse/partner are subject to specific conditions when seeking to reunite. Our law firm can advise each of the parties on these requirements.
Please note that this type of residence permit is available for non-EU/EEA citizens.

Norwegian spouse visa requirements for married couples

Obtaining a spouse visa for Norway implies meeting certain requirements for a married couple. These are quite simple and imply:
  • for the marriage to be legal and entered into voluntarily by the parties;
  • for the couple to plan to live together in Norway;
  • for each spouse to be at least 24 years old upon the application.
Please note that the Norwegian authorities can investigate for the marriage not to be a convenient one for the foreign citizen to obtain a visa or residence permit for Norway.
Our Norwegian lawyers can assist in drafting the documents to be filed when applying for a family reunion visa in order to bring your spouse to this country.

Conditions to bring a civil partner to Norway

As mentioned earlier, the spouse visa for Norway also covers unmarried couples that form an union. For this purpose, you need to comply with the following requirements:
  • they must have living arrangments in Norway;
  • they cannot be married to other people at the time of the application;
  • the minimum living condition for these couples is 2 years;
  • alternatively, unmarried couples expecting children can also qualify if the 2-year living arrangement is not possible.
Another part of Norway’s spouse visa requirements implies the conditions that must be fulfilled by the Norwegian resident or citizen seeking to reunite with the foreign wife or husband.

Requirements for the family member living in Norway

The Norwegian spouse will act as a sponsor for the foreign partner and is required to be a holder of a valid residence permit. Additionally, he or she must have a minimum annual income of NOK 264,264 or approximately USD 29,000. Also, the house or apartment the Norwegian party lives in must be suitable to accommodate two or more persons.
Our Norwegian lawyers can help you check if you meet these requirements.

Marriage and divorce statistics in Norway

Norway is an economically stable country which has determined an increasing number of couples to get married in 2022. But divorces were also registered the same years. In numbers:
  • 20,769 marriages were registered in 2022, 4,719 more compared to 2021;
  • there were 8,204 divorces last years, 689 lower than in the previous year;
  • 2022 also brought 9,062 legal separations.
If you want to apply for a spouse visa for Norway in the near future, get in touch with our lawyers for assistance.