Norway Digital Nomad Visa - Guide for Remote Workers

Norway Digital Nomad Visa

Updated on Tuesday 11th October 2022

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Norway Digital Nomad VisaMoving to Norway under a digital nomad visa is a possibility for all persons who can work remotely. The current scheme enables foreign citizens who meet certain criteria to establish themselves on the Svalbard Island and conduct their activities from there.
Below, our specialists explain the steps and requirements attached to obtaining a digital nomad visa in Norway. You can rely on our immigration lawyers in Norway if you want to relocate here temporarily or permanently.

Norway and its digital nomad visa requirements

 Many European countries have enabled digital nomad visas for foreign citizens, and this is also the case of Norway. However, obtaining a remote worker visa here comes with one specific particularity: the applicant must have at least one Norwegian client.
It is also worth noting that here the digital nomad visa is also known as the contractor visa, and it mainly addresses self-employed people.
Apart from this, any person who decides to move to Norway based on a digital nomad visa must also meet the following requirements:
  • one must have a valid passport (a 6-months validity period is usually required);
  • proof of being self-employed or working for a non-Norwegian company;
  • proof of having a minimum gross income of 35,719€ annually;
  • bank statement indicating the proof of income;
  • health insurance;
  • a contract with a Norwegian client which must state the minimum salary for a skilled employee which is set at 189,39 NOK per hour (approx. 40 euros per hour);
  • proof of accommodation in Norway.
Our law firm in Norway is at your service with various services related to immigration to Norway, including if you want to apply for a contractor visa. One must also consider the 600 euros fee for processing the application for the digital nomad visa.

How to apply for a contractor visa for Norway

Moving to Norway under a digital nomad visa implies 2 application options:
  • if the applicant is in Norway, he or she can address the local police station in the city one lives;
  • if the applicant is in his/her home country, one can address the Norwegian embassy or consulate.
The main difference between the two application procedures is the duration of obtaining the digital nomad visa. If applied for locally, you will obtain in 15 days, while through the embassy or consulate, it will take 30 days.
If you have any unclarities about Norway’s digital visa requirements, you can address our immigration lawyers.
It is also helpful to note that EU citizens can stay in Norway for up to 90 days without applying for a visa.

Norway’s digital nomad visa validity

The validity of an independent contractor visa in Norway can be of 2 years. We remind that at the moment, the program is destined for those who want to relocate to the Svalbard Island. This is an archipelago between Norway’s mainland and the North Pole. Once established here, successful candidates will be able to move in other parts of the country.
If you have any questions on how to move to Norway based on a digital nomad visa, feel free to direct your questions to our immigration lawyers in Norway.

Why move to Norway as a digital nomad

Norway is one of the most exclusive countries in Europe, which makes it more expensive to live in compared to other destinations. According to data gathered by
  • living in Oslo as a single person can imply monthly costs of around 1,000 euros without the rent;
  • the cities of Oslo and Bærum have the highest rental costs – these start at around 1,100 euros/ month;
  • lower rents can be found in Stavanger and Bergen – approximately 800 euros per month.
If decide on immigration to Norway and apply for a digital nomad visa, contact us. Our lawyers can help you apply for it from here or remotely.