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Moving to Norway from Canada

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Moving to Norway from Canada
Moving to Norway from Canada is not difficult, especially since the two countries have great business relationships. While not needing visas if they want to enter Norway for short-term stays, in order to obtain residence permits, Canadians these must register with the local authorities and then apply for their permits.
Below, our immigration lawyers in Norway invite you to discover the main pathways under which you can relocate to Norway from Canada. We are at your service with a wide variety of legal services related to relocation.

Residency options when moving to Norway from Canada

Persons who want to immigrate to Norway from Canada can apply for 2 different kinds of residence permits:
  • the permit for temporary residency issued to those who relocate to Norway and has a validity ranging from 1 to 3 years.
  • the permanent residence permit which can be obtained after 3 years of continuous residence in Norway, you are granted this permit.
However, temporary permits are further divided into:
  • permits to reside and work;
  • permits to live and study;
  • permits to reside for family reunion.
No matter the way you choose for moving to Norway from Canada, you can rely on our local law firm.
We can also help those interested in immigration to Norway from other countries. If you are considering immigrating to Norway, please contact us. You can get in touch with our lawyers for a range of services, such as help with work permits. Please be aware that there are different rules for people moving here from outside the EU versus within the EU. We can help you with the formalities no matter where you live.

How to immigrate to Norway from Canada for temporary stays

You must meet the requirements relating to your reason for moving to Norway from Canada in order to be eligible for a temporary residence permit. For instance:
  • if you are relocating for employment, you must be employed by a Norwegian company and make a minimum wage;
  • if you are relocating for school, you must be accepted into a Norwegian university and have the means to support yourself while you're there;
  • if you want to live with a family member, you must be a close relative (spouse, partner, or child) of someone who is legally residing in Norway, and they must be able to support you financially.
In order to qualify for a work permit for Norway:
  • you must have secured employment with a company in Norway;
  • the job must be a full-time position;
The salary is equal to what a Norwegian citizen would receive for the same job.
As a useful detail, the monthly median wage in Norway for 2022 is approximately 14,500 EUR without taxes.
If you decide to use this pathway to immigrate to Norway from Canada, our lawyers can assist with the preparation of the documents.
Our immigration lawyers in Norway will also support you if you plan on moving here through a family reunion visa.

Obtaining permanent residency in Norway as a Canadian

If you are moving to Norway from Canada with the intention of gaining permanent residency, you must meet the following requirements:
  1. you must have spent at least 3 years living in Norway;
  2. during this time, you can spend a total of 7 months outside of Norway in the 3 years prior to obtaining permanent residency;
  3. over the course of the last 3 years, you cannot have gone longer than 3 months without a valid residence permit.
Immigration to Norway is not difficult, however, it is best to use our legal services to make sure the formalities completed are correct. If your type of residence permit does not automatically provide you residency in Norway, you will be given a provisional number. If you have this number and want to stay in Norway for at least six months, you must disclose if you relocated there independently. Email us for assistance in lawfully relocating here.

Processing times for obtaining a residence permit in Norway

If you want to relocate to Norway from Canada, here are the processing times for different types of residence permits:
  • 8 weeks for an employment visa;
  • 8 weeks for a permanent residence permit.
Please keep in mind that you also need to register with other authorities upon moving to Norway from Canada, including with the Tax Department.
Contact us if you want to relocate to Norway and need support. Our Norwegian lawyers are at your disposal with tailored solutions.