Listing on the Stock Exchange in Norway

Listing on the Stock Exchange in Norway

Updated on Thursday 27th July 2017

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Listing on the Stock Exchange in NorwayThe Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) provides the Nordic countries with the only regulated market for securities trading. Listing on the stock exchange in Norway is a way to attract investment since listed companies are more attractive and investors have more confidence in placing their money in listed shares. Special rules and regulations apply to listing a company on the stock exchange in Norway.

Below, you can find a comprehensive guide through the entire listing procedure provided by our law firm in Norway.

The Oslo Stock Exchange Rules

The Oslo stock exchange has several laws and regulation issued in order to protect the securities exchange area. These rules address several issues, such as: the definition of inside information, market manipulation, the sale of financial instruments, provisions related to listed companies` obligations, the duty of disclosure and the equal treatment of shareholders.

Listing on the stock exchange can provide a Norwegian company with significant advantages. It increases visibility among businessmen, can raise more capital for further investment and certain opportunities for mergers and acquisitions may appear. The decision to list a company on the Norwegian stock exchange is very important and the relevant documents must be carefully prepared in order to fulfill requirements for disclosure and corporate governance standards.

Our lawyers in Norway can guide you through the process of listing your company with the stock exchange.

Listing requirements for Norwegian companies

If you decide to list a Norwegian company on the stock exchange, there are several requirements it must fulfill. These include the following:

•    Public interest, regular trading and suitability for listing;
•    Legal standing of the company – to be validly incorporated and operate its business in accordance with its articles of association and the Company Law in Norway;
•    To have a market value, equity capital and liquidity;
•    To undergo an auditor`s report and hold annual accounts and half-yearly accounts;
•    To provide financial documents for the last three years activity;
•    To be managed by a board of directors and to have an audit committee;
•   To fulfill share requirements – 25% spread of share ownership, free transferability of shares and the registration of the share capital with a central securities depository.

Don`t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Norway for detailed information about the listing requirements companies must abide.