Legal Services in Oslo

Legal Services in Oslo

Updated on Tuesday 20th June 2017

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Legal Services in Oslo

The initiation of a company or any other economic action such as properties' purchasing or entering contractual obligations in Oslo will require the assistance from a specialist in the local legislation. You can rely on the trustworthy legal services in Oslo provided by our law firm in Norway who can treat with care each particular situation of our clients. 

Company formation in Oslo

The formation of a new company follows a specific procedure, from name reservation to application for registration with the local Business Register (Foretaksregisteret). The elaboration of the required documentation can be provided by a team of local lawyers. Through our law firm in Norway you can find out about the legal structures in which your company can function in this country. 
Many foreign investors choose the limited liability company as the legal form in which to organize their enterprises. Other options exist as well; for example if you intend to open a sole trader company in Oslo you can apply for the registration of a Enkeltpersonforetak, for which, as unique owner, you will hold the entire financial responsibility. A general partnership Ansvarlig selskap (ANS) can also be registered if this business structure suits your economic projects in Norway.
The opening of a corporate bank account can also be assisted by one of our attorneys in Norway.  

Mergers and acquisitions

Through our law firm in Norway you can as well develop your business through acquisitions. This legal action implies the elaboration of agreements in which you must be careful on the terms that you are going to sign. Another way of expanding an enterprise is the merging procedure in which you can rely on the legal services of our Norwegian lawyers

Arbitrations, mediations and corporate litigations in Oslo

Even if in your investing activity in Norway you will encounter difficult situations or you will enter disputes with other legal entities, you can choose to be represented by one of our Norwegian lawyers. Our firm can help you identify the complexity of the problem and indicate to you the most advantageous option for settling a business conflict in Oslo
Through mediation you will avoid the Norwegian courts and there are chances that the dispute to be settled faster and with less financial costs. In case your problem cannot be resolved otherwise than in court, our attorneys can represent you, and familiarize you with the court procedure and legislation in this country. 

Tax advice and planning 

The profits and success of a company relies in great measure on the tax planning. If you are not familiar with the taxation system of Norway or if you want to be updated you can easily employ a legal service in Oslo from our law firm in order to develop a personalized strategy for tax minimization. 

Licenses and permits

In some economic domains or for specific activities a firm will need to apply for licenses or permits, according to the Norwegian legislation. You can call on our attorneys in Norway for information and support with the obtaining of these mandatory documents in Oslo, based on which your business will be allowed to function properly in this country.

Termination of business activities

When a company decides to close or if the financial situation gives no other solution to the owner, it is advisable to terminate a business activity in clear terms. Our law firm in Norway can help you through the conclusion procedure so that you can be able to start other projects immediately. 
You are invited to contact our attorneys in Norway concerning any legal issue you might encounter. You can rely on the professional legal services in Oslo provided by our lawyers.