Intellectual Property in Norway

Intellectual Property in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Intellectual-Property-in-Norway2.jpgNorway aligns with the countries that signed the international pact of intellectual property rights as stipulated in the Berne Copyright Convention and the Paris Union Convention. It is good to know that the Intellectual Property Office in Norway issues the trademarks of businesses registered in the country. If you want to know details and information in this matter you can ask our attorneys in Norway who can also provide you with legal services for your company in the country, no matter if you want details about the taxation system or financial consultancy.

Copyrights in Norway

The NIPO (Norwegian Industrial Property Office) issues the patents, where the requirements in this matter need to be respected and the following documents must be provided, such as:
the copyright entitlements need to be translated in the Norwegian language;
you need to provide the documentation of your invention;
you must offer the application number granted by the European Patent Office (EPO);
details about the owner need to be provided;
foreign and local applicants must pay the fees and make proof of it;
the power of attorney can be used if you are a businessman from overseas.
Interested in registering your patent in Norway? A correct understanding of the laws in this matter can be obtained from our Norwegian lawyers.

What to consider when obtaining the patent in Norway

Once the NIPO granted you the copyright entitlements, the annual fee will be established, no matter if you are a businessman from overseas or from Norway. To maintain the patent, it is recommended to consider the enforced taxes in this matter. As for the protection of the intellectual property (IP) in Norway, all businesses are advised to adopt a good strategy, even if they are protected by the laws in the country. The safety against illegal usage in a specific nation rests on the national laws of that country. On the other hand, most countries do put forward copyright safety to works and activities from overseas, established in Norway, but in complete accord with the global treaties.
If you want to know additional details about the intellectual property in Norway, we invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Norway.