Inheritance Law in Norway

Inheritance Law in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 06th March 2024

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Inheritance Law in Norway regulates aspects related to succession and it is useful in the distribution of assets. Whether a decedent has elaborated a will then the inheritors will receive the assets according to the statements found in it. Otherwise the provisions of the Inheritance Law give the legal framework for the settlement of properties. Our law firm in Norway can help you deal with succession issues you might face in this country and can offer a complete overview on the Inheritance Law in Norway.

Overview on the Norwegian Inheritance Law 

The Norwegian rules regarding heirship provide interstate succession in case there is no will left by the deceased. The distribution of the assets is done towards the closest members of the family. The children are entitled to receive two thirds of the total properties and the spouse will obtain the remaining third, according to the Inheritance Law in Norway. Other members of the family might be entitled to receive shares of the estate, in case the deceased was childless. If the deceased was childless but married, the spouse will receive half of the distribution and the parents or siblings of the deceased will share the remaining half. 
If there is a will, it must be decided whether it was notarized or holographic. In case the testator has elaborated the will in the presence of a notary the will is considered notarized. Domestic versions are also recognized as valid for the distribution of property in Norway, but they might require sometimes legal interpretation for which you can rely on our Norwegian lawyers. We can also help you in immigration to Norway if you want to take possession of your inheritance.
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More provisions of the Norwegian Inheritance Law

According to the Norwegian Inheritance Law a testator has the right to dispose of the entire estate he/she has in a will. The spouse or children cannot be disinherited by a testator. In the case of foreign heirs, they are recommended to get in touch with our immigraiton lawyers in Norway for support.
According to the value of the estate, the Inheritance Law in Norway may impose an inheritance tax for estates which exceed 470.000 NOK. Inheritance from spouses is exempt from taxation.
People living together for more than two years or having children together are considered by the Inheritance Law in Norway as spouses and are entitled to the same inheritance rights are spouses. 
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