Imports and Exports in Norway

Imports and Exports in Norway

Updated on Thursday 27th July 2017

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imports and exports in Norway

With an extended coastal region Norway has 83 maritime ports and a modernized infrastructure. Investors who intend to conduct imports or exports from Norway will find in this country the most suitable framework for any commercial projects.

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Overview of the imports in Norway

This year the imports in Norway rose with 24% reaching 67 billion ensuring a functional and constant developing trade infrastructure. 
The computer industry is one of the key areas for imports in Norway along ship products such as special purpose ships and cargo ships. Germany, Sweden and China are the principal countries from which Norway imports goods. Other import products are manufactured articles and food products.
Investors in Norway can profit of the trade relationships which exist between Norway and the whole European region. The double taxation agreements signed between Norway and other states support business owners to develop commercial activities in this country.
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Export opportunities in Norway

With one of the most complex economies and ranking in the first 35 exporting countries in the world, Norway is one of the most opportune places to start a business and to conduct trade activity. The top exported products are petroleum based including mineral fuels. Another important resource exported in huge quantities from Norway is fish and sea food products. 
The European countries are the most frequent destinations of the Norwegian exports. 10% of the exported goods from Norway are heading towards Asia. In America arrive 5% of the total Norwegian exported products. Thanks to the partnerships functioning in the European Economic Area, Norway benefits as well from the free movement of goods and from the flanking policies such as free competition, thus making of this country an inspired place for investments. 
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